iOS 17 Guide: How to Create a Photo Album on an iPhone

Creating a photo album on an iPhone running iOS 17 is a breeze. Simply open the Photos app, tap the ‘Albums’ tab, hit the ‘+’ icon, select ‘New Album’, give it a name, and start adding your favorite pictures! It’s a handy way to organize your memories and moments for easy access.

After completing this action, you’ll have a neatly organized album filled with your chosen photos. You can edit, share, or view this album anytime from the Photos app, and it will sync across all your Apple devices if you have iCloud Photos enabled.

You can also watch this video about how to create a photo album on an iPhone for more information.


Ah, the iPhone – a device that’s become almost as essential as the air we breathe. With each iteration, it keeps getting smarter, faster, and more intuitive. And now, with iOS 17, the iPhone takes another leap in convenience, especially in the realm of photo organization. Let’s face it, we’re all shutterbugs at heart, and our iPhones are brimming with snapshots of every conceivable moment. But, what do you do when your photo library becomes a tangled mess of pics, leaving you scrolling endlessly to find that one special photo? Enter the simple yet incredibly useful feature of creating photo albums.

Organizing your photos into albums not only declutters your photo library but also makes sharing your memories with friends and family a piece of cake. Whether you’re a proud parent looking to sort baby pictures, a traveler wanting to collate your adventures, or you simply love keeping your photos neatly categorized, creating photo albums on your iPhone is something you’ll want to master. And guess what? It’s pretty straightforward. So, whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned iOS aficionado, let’s dive into the how-tos of album creation on iOS 17.

Step by Step Tutorial: Creating a Photo Album on iOS 17

Before we jump into the steps, let’s get a clear picture of what we’re about to do. By following the below steps, you will create a new photo album on your iPhone, which will help you keep your photos organized and make them easier to find and share.

Step 1: Open the Photos app

Start by opening the Photos app on your iPhone.
This is your gateway to all the photos and videos stored on your device. It’s also where the magic of album creation begins.

Step 2: Tap the ‘Albums’ tab

Once in the Photos app, locate the ‘Albums’ tab at the bottom of the screen and tap on it.
This will take you to the section where all your albums are stored. If you haven’t created any albums yet, this section might look a bit empty, but we’re about to change that.

Step 3: Hit the ‘+’ icon

Look for the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner of the screen and tap on it.
This is the universal symbol for “add something new,” and in this case, it’s your first step towards creating a new album.

Step 4: Select ‘New Album’

A menu will pop up after tapping the ‘+’ icon. From this menu, select ‘New Album.’
You’re now officially on your way to creating a space for your photos to call home.

Step 5: Name your album

After selecting ‘New Album’, you’ll be prompted to give your album a name. Choose something descriptive that makes it easy to identify the contents of the album later.
A good album name is like a good book title – it gives a hint of what’s inside.

Step 6: Add your photos

With your album named, it’s time to add your photos. You can either do this during the album creation process or later on by tapping ‘Edit’ on the album screen.
The beauty of an album comes from the memories it contains, so take your time picking out the perfect photos to include.


Easy OrganizationCreating albums allows you to categorize your photos, thus making it easier to find a specific picture when you need it.
Sharing Made SimpleWhen your photos are organized into albums, sharing an entire event or theme with others is just a few taps away.
Sync Across DevicesWith iCloud Photos enabled, the albums you create will be accessible across all your Apple devices, keeping your memories close no matter which device you’re using.


Limited Editing ToolsWhile creating albums helps with organization, the editing tools available within the Photos app are fairly basic.
Storage SpaceMore albums can mean more photos, and if you’re not careful, you could quickly run out of storage space on your device.
Potential for DuplicatesIf you add the same photo to multiple albums, it can lead to confusion and clutter, counteracting the organization you’re aiming for.

Additional Information

Creating photo albums on your iPhone is an excellent way to keep your memories organized, but there’s more to it than just the steps above. For instance, did you know that you can also create ‘Shared Albums’? This feature allows you to share an album with friends and family, and they can contribute their own photos and videos to it. It’s a great way to compile memories from a group event or trip.

Another tip is to make use of the ‘Favorites’ feature in the Photos app. By marking your best photos as favorites, they automatically get stored in the ‘Favorites’ album, giving you quick access to your top pics. And if you’re concerned about privacy, you can also create ‘Hidden’ albums to keep certain photos away from prying eyes.

Remember, with iOS 17, the Photos app might also offer new tools and features that can enhance your photo organization experience, so keep an eye out for updates and explore the app to see what’s new.


  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Tap the ‘Albums’ tab
  3. Hit the ‘+’ icon
  4. Select ‘New Album’
  5. Name your album
  6. Add your photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move photos between albums?

Yes, you can move photos between albums by selecting the photos, tapping ‘Add To’, and choosing the album you want to move them to.

How do I delete an album?

To delete an album, go to the ‘Albums’ tab, tap ‘See All’, tap ‘Edit’, then tap the red minus button on the album you wish to delete.

Can I create albums on

Yes, you can create albums on by accessing the Photos section, clicking the ‘+’ icon, and choosing ‘New Album’.

Will creating albums take up more space on my iPhone?

No, creating albums doesn’t take up additional space. Albums are just a way to organize the photos that are already on your device.

Can I add videos to albums?

Absolutely! Albums can contain both photos and videos, letting you organize all your visual media.


In the age of digital photography, where we snap pictures without a second thought, organizing them into albums is more important than ever. With iOS 17, creating photo albums on an iPhone is not just about decluttering your photo library; it’s about preserving memories and stories in a way that makes sense to you. It’s about being able to relive those moments with ease and share them with others without a hassle.

So go ahead, give your photos a home they deserve, and watch as your digital memories transform into a well-organized collection of experiences. And remember, with each update, iOS 17 will likely introduce new features to make photo organization even better, so always keep an eye out for what’s next!

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