How to Download All Purchased Music on an iPhone 5

Did you recently clear out the music that is on your iPhone, or have you recently gotten a new iPhone 5? Then all of the music that you have purchased over the years might not be on your phone, and you are looking for the simplest way to get it there.

Fortunately your iPhone 5 has an option on the device that allows you to download all of your past music purchases directly to the app. You can follow our short guide below to learn how.


Downloading All of Your Music Purchases to Your iPhone

The steps below are going to make a couple of assumptions:

Р You are currently signed into the iTunes account that you used to make the purchases. All purchases in iTunes are tied to the account that made the purchase.

– You have enough available space on your iPhone to download all of this music. You can check your available space with this article.


Step 1: Open the iTunes Store app.

open the itunes store



Step 2: Touch the More tab at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

select the more option



Step 3: Select the Purchased option.

select the purchased option



Step 4: Select the Music option.

select the music option



Step 5: Touch the Not on this iPhone option, then select the All Songs option.

select not on this iphone, then all songs



Step 6: Touch the Download All button at the top-right corner of the screen. Your iPhone will then start downloading all of your songs. Depending on the number of songs this is, it may take a while.

touch the all downloads button



Do you only want to download a couple of songs? Read here to learn how. newsletter

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