how to enable javascript in safari on iphone 7

How to Enable Javascript on an iPhone 7

If you’ve been experiencing a problem browsing websites, then it might be because Javascript in Safari is disabled. Some people will adjust settings on their browser when they are troubleshooting or experiencing problems, and disabling Javascript in Safari is something you might do. But much like you were able to turn it off, you can … Read more

does blocking a number from calling you on iphone also block from texting

If I Block a Number from Calling Me on My iPhone, Does it Block Text Messages, Too?

Spam, robocallers, and telemarketers are becoming such a big problem for many cell phone owners that blocking numbers is almost second nature. But if you’ve blocked a number that’s been calling you on your iPhone, you may wonder if that blocks text messages, too. If you are receiving phone calls from someone that is harassing … Read more