How to Install an iMessage App on an iPhone 7

The iOS 10 update for the iPhone featured a number of improvements in many of the default apps (such as text message forwarding on an iPhone), but perhaps the most interesting aspect of that updater occurred in the Messages app. Message users on iPhones now have access to a number of different tools and features that can improve their messaging experience.

Most of these features are exclusive to iMessages, and one of the more interesting parts of the update revolves around iMessage apps. These are apps (and games) that you can install to your iPhone directly through the Messages app. In the example below we are going to install a game, which you can then play through an iMessage with one of your contacts.

How to Install a New App or Game to Use in the Messages App on an iPhone

The steps in this guide were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in iOS 10.2. This feature is only available on iPhones running iOS 10 or higher. If you are unable to complete these steps, or if you aren’t sure what iOS you have on your iPhone, you can check your iOS version on an iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Messages app.

open the messages app on an iphone 7

Step 2: Open an existing text message conversation, then tap the A icon to the left of the message field.

tap the a icon next to the message field on an iphone 7

Step 3: Touch the grid icon.

how to open the imessage menu on an iphone

Step 4: Tap the + icon.

how to access the imessage app store on an iphone

Step 5: Select an app or game that you want to install in iMessage.

how to browse imessage apps on an iphone

Step 6: Tap the Get icon, then touch the Install button. Note that you may see a price instead of Get if you are attempting to install a paid app.

how to install an imessage app on an iphone

Step 7: Tap the A icon to the left of the message field again, then select the app you just installed to start using or playing it.

how to use an installed imessage app on an iphone

Are you unsure what determines the difference between a text message and an iMessage, or do you have trouble differentiating between them? Learn more about the blue and green messages you send on your iPhone and see what each of those different colors indicates.

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