How to Add Person to Group Text iPhone Guide (6 Easy Steps)

When you are taking part in a group text message conversation on your iPhone, you might find that there is someone else that should be a part of the conversation. While you may know how to create a group message from scratch, you might be wondering how to include another person in an existing conversation. … Read more

sending confetti in an iPhone 13 text message

How Do I Send Confetti on My iPhone 13?

If you have ever received a message from someone that included cool special effects like screen confetti, message bubbles, or another type of screen celebration, then you might be wondering how that happened. Your iPhone provides you with tools to add a fun animation or other message effects when you create and send an iMessage … Read more

how to use text messages instead of imessage on an iphone

How to Send Text Messages Instead of iMessages on an iPhone

When you first set up your iPhone you will be enabling the iMessage feature. This provides a more extensive text messaging feature that you can utilize when texting with other people on Apple devices. But you might be wondering how to send green texts on iPhone if you would prefer to utilize regular messaging instead … Read more

why are iMessages being sent as text messages on an iPhone

Why Are iMessages Being Sent as Text Messages?

The disabling sent as text message steps above were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOs 13.4.1. These steps will also work on other iPhone models using iOS 13, as well as most other recent versions of iOS. The iMessage feature on your iPhone provides some additional messaging features that aren’t available with traditional SMS … Read more

imessage vs sms message iphone

What Is the Difference Between Green and Blue Texts on an iPhone?

When you open text message conversations on your iPhone you will likely notice that there is either blue or green shading around the messages that you send. Initially, this might just seem to be cosmetic, but those colors actually have meaning. Our guide below will discuss more about the blue vs green text difference on … Read more