How to Make Text Message Shortcuts in iOS 10

Typing on a touchscreen keyboard can be tricky. You can use autocorrect features and spellcheck options to make it a little better, but you might find that certain phrases that you type a lot can be annoying to repeat over and over. One way to fix this is by creating a text message shortcut where […]

How to Turn Off Text Message Effects in iOS 10

The iOS 10 update to the iPhone included a lot of new features for the Messages app. One of these features allows for additional effects and full-screen animations that can be sent between iPhone users. While these are fun and different at first, you might eventually find them to be disruptive or annoying, which will […]

How to Switch Between Cameras on the iPhone 7

Your iPhone has two cameras on it. One camera is on the back of the device, and points away from you if you are looking at your iPhone screen. The other camera is above the screen. You can switch between these two camera by pressing a button on the Camera app interface. Our steps below […]

How to Hear Descriptions of Videos on an iPhone 7

Listening to the dialogue or audio of a video clip is helpful when trying to determine what is occurring in that clip. But the voices or sounds that you hear might not always tell the complete story about what is happening in that clip. If you are unable to view the screen on your iPhone, […]

How to Download a Purchased Song from iTunes in iOS 10

While you have many options available to you when purchasing music, you may elect to buy songs from iTunes because of how simple it is from your iPhone. But there is a limited amount of storage space on your iPhone, so you might eventually delete some of your purchased songs to make room for other […]

How to Change Siri’s Accent in iOS 10

If you use Siri on your iPhone with some regularity, then you are probably very familiar with her voice. But there are several different options available to you when deciding how you would like Siri to sound, and you might be curious to see what it would sound like if Siri had a different accent. […]

How to Remove the Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

One of the new features added in iOS 10 was a screen called “Today View” that you can access by swiping to the right of your iPhone lock screen. This screen includes widgets like your calendar, reminders, weather, and more, and can even be customized by adding additional widgets, such as a battery one. But […]

What Does “iOS Version” Mean in Regard to My iPhone?

Your iPhone has a lot in common with a computer. It can edit documents, install new programs, share files, browse the Internet, and perform numerous other functions that let you get work done and keep yourself entertained. Like a computer, the iPhone needs a framework that enables you to use all of these features. This […]

How to Put the Most Recent Email At the Top of an iPhone Mail Conversation

Threaded email conversations on an iPhone make it easier to locate all of the emails that have been sent in a specific “chain” of emails. But the default way that these conversations are sorted will place the most recent message at the bottom, which can result in a lot of scrolling, particularly if the conversation […]

How to Block a Caller in iOS 10

Unwanted calls are an unfortunate part of owning a cell phone, whether they are from people you know, or from anonymous telemarketers that you would prefer to avoid. While there is no catch-all solution for stopping spam and other junk calls, your iPhone does have the ability to block calls from certain numbers. This is […]