put the most recent email at the top of ios 10 mail conversation

How to Put the Most Recent Email At the Top of an iPhone Mail Conversation

Having to keep scrolling back and forth between different messages in the iPhone’s Mail app can be frustrating, especially if you are receiving new messages. This is particularly annoying when you are viewing a message that is part of a longer conversation, and you want to check the most recent message for something. This tutorial … Read more

how to change Siri's accent in iOS 10

How to Change Siri’s Accent in iOS 10

The Siri feature on your iPhone is constantly improving, and you can ask her to perform many of the tasks that you would do manually on your device. As you use Siri more and more, however, you might be curious about whether or not’s it possible for her to sound different. Our tutorial will show … Read more

how to stop auto-playing text message effects on an iphone 7

How to Turn Off Text Message Effects in iOS 10

When someone sends you birthday or holiday wishes, you might see some interesting animations, depending on the exact wording of the sentiment. These iPhone 7 message effects are an interesting addition but may have a negative effect on some iPhone users. Our tutorial below will show you how to turn off the message effects on … Read more