how to enable the Reduce Motion option on an iPhone

How to Reduce Motion – iPhone 13

Attempting to conserve battery life on an iPhone has been a goal for many iPhone users since the device became popular. Suggestions have always included things like reducing screen brightness, turning off background app refresh, and enabling a setting called “Reduce Motion.” Now you also have the option of enabling a “Low Power Mode” setting … Read more

how to request the desktop version of a Web page on an iPhone 13

How to Request Desktop Site on iPhone 13

Mobile website browsing has increased at an incredible rate since smartphones become popular. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device you will typically have a way (often multiple ways) to visit Web pages from your mobile device. Mobile browsing is the preferred method of browsing for many Internet users, so website owners need … Read more

how to restore Safari to the iPhone 13

How to Get Safari Back on iPhone 13

The iPhone has long included a number of default apps that let you use the basic functionality of the device. This includes things like a Settings app, Phone app, Camera app, Messages, Mail, and Safari, the Apple default Web browser. For a while, you weren’t able to hide or delete these default apps at all, … Read more