How to Delete Favorites in Safari on a Mac

Creating favorites, or bookmarks, in the Safari browser provides a helpful means of navigation while you browse the Internet. By opening your bookmarks and clicking a listed site you can efficiently visit a Web page without needing to bother with a search engine, or remembering how you got there originally. But sometimes pages can move […]

How to Stop Automatically Unzipping Files in Safari on a Mac

If you are a Windows user with experience handling zipped files, then you are probably accustomed to unzipping them manually. This allows you to have control over when the contents of an archived file are unpacked, meaning that you can leave that in the zipped format for as long as you would like. But zipped […]

How to Change Your Homepage in Safari 11.0.3 on a Mac

When you open the Safari browser on your MacBook, there’s a strong chance that it is opening to either a Favorites page or a page on the Apple website. You may get accustomed to this behavior and not think much of it, but it is something that you can adjust. Our tutorial below will show […]