change your homepage to google in mac safari

How to Make Google Your Homepage in Safari on a Mac

Changing your settings and managing your storage space are two things that almost every Mac owner will encounter over the course of using their computer. One setting involves the browser homepage that appears when you first launch Safari on your Mac. When you open the Safari browser on your Mac, it is likely opening to … Read more

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how to get CleanMyMac X from the App Store

How to Get CleanMyMac X on the App Store

While you’ve long been able to get CleanMyMac X directly from MacPaw when you wanted to start freeing up space on your MacBook, many Mac users prefer to download apps directly from Apple’s App Store. Luckily this is now possible, as the popular application for comprehensive Mac care is now available in the App Store, … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your MacBook Air

Once the weather starts to warm up, it’s common for people to give their homes a thorough cleaning after being stuck inside all winter. And while that dusting, vacuuming, and washing can help your home feel cleaner, it’s not the only thing that might need a refresh. Your MacBook Air has probably accumulated some junk … Read more

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MacPaw Space Lens Review

The CleanMyMac X software (check out our review here) is one of the best and most comprehensive applications available for keeping your Mac’s storage free. Recently they have released an application called Space Lens that is part of the CleanMyMac utility. The Space Lens feature provides you with a way to get a visual representation … Read more

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keep scroll bars visible on mac

How to Always Show Scroll Bars on a Mac

You can often scroll in programs on your Mac by simply using the trackpad to scroll. While this can be handy, some Mac users dislike this behavior and don’t use it very often. In situations like this, you may be looking for an alternate way to scroll through applications. One way to do this is … Read more

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how to include day of the week in mac status bar

How to Show or Hide the Day of the Week on a MacBook

The status bar at the top of the screen on your Mac includes a lot of helpful information and buttons that tell you about the current status of your device. For example, you could open a menu that shows your available storage if you’re concerned that you are running out of space. Another one of … Read more

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how to change size of dock icons on macbook air

How to Make Dock Icons Smaller on a MacBook Air

The dock at the bottom of the screen on your MacBook provides easy access to many of the programs on your computer. For example, you could use the Find app to locate files that you want to change or delete. Simply click on one of the icons in that dock to open a program. But … Read more

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click the dropdown menu for new finder window

How to Change Default Finder Window on a Mac

The Finder app on your MacBook is the primary way that you can browse to and open the files that you have saved and created on your Mac. It can also be useful in finding files that you want to delete if you are running out of storage space. If you double-click a folder on … Read more

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turn off keyboard backlight on macbook

How to Keep Keyboard Backlight on for Longer on a Mac

The keyboard backlight on your MacBook makes it much easier to type in the dark, or in low-light environments. It can drain the battery a bit, though, so you may decide that you would like to have that backlight turn off if you haven’t used the computer in a while. Tip: Removing unnecessary files from … Read more

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stop screen form dimming while on battery macbook

How to Stop Dimming MacBook Display on Battery

Over time you may find that you need to do things on your Mac like free up some storage space or change some settings. Additionally, you may notice that your screen isn’t as bright as you would like it to be. MacBooks generally have very good batteries that can last several hours on a single … Read more

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