How to Delete Favorites in Safari on a Mac

Creating favorites, or bookmarks, in the Safari browser provides a helpful means of navigation while you browse the Internet. By opening your bookmarks and clicking a listed site you can efficiently visit a Web page without needing to bother with a search engine, or remembering how you got there originally. But sometimes pages can move […]

How to Stop Automatically Unzipping Files in Safari on a Mac

If you are a Windows user with experience handling zipped files, then you are probably accustomed to unzipping them manually. This allows you to have control over when the contents of an archived file are unpacked, meaning that you can leave that in the zipped format for as long as you would like. But zipped […]

How to Hide the Toolbar on a Macbook Air

Is the dock on your Mac hidden? Or are you finding that it is getting in the way when you are trying to work? The dock on the Mac can be a useful way for you to launch the applications that you use on a regular basis, but sometimes it would be nice if it […]

How to Change Your Computer’s Name on a MacBook Air

Devices that you connect to your network will usually have a way that they are identified. Sometimes this method of identification is automatic and very difficult to change but, other times, it is relatively easy to change the name of a device. For example, if you want to change your MacBook Air’s computer name, then […]

How to Right Click on a MacBook Air

Right-clicking is something that may not come naturally to many computer users at first but, over time and with practice, it can become an action that is almost second nature and provides you with a number of additional options. I have been a Windows user for much longer than I’ve been using a Mac, and […]

Review of the Setapp Subscription Service from MacPaw

The App Store on your Mac provides access to many of the apps that you will need over the course of owning the computer. Unfortunately many of these apps are expensive, and you may only ever use them once or twice in your lifetime. When you add up the cumulative cost of app purchases like […]

How to Uninstall an Application on a Mac

We always download new applications or programs hoping that they will help us solve a problem we have been having. Sometimes this happens, but other times an application isn’t what we were looking for, or we don’t need it anymore. You might know how to remove a program in Windows, but the process is a […]

How to Turn Off the Password on a MacBook Air

You might be wondering if it is possible to turn off the password on a MacBook Air if you find the┬ásign-in process to be unnecessary. Login passwords are helpful in providing a level of security to your laptop if you share it with others, or if you have information that you are worried about securing. […]

How to Password Protect a Folder on a MacBook Air

Digital privacy issues are a concern for everyone that spends time on the Internet. if you use an email account, or shop online, then you probably have sensitive information stored somewhere that you would like to keep safe. But online isn’t the only place where we keep important files and data, so you might be […]

How Much Space is Left on My MacBook Air?

Finding the amount of storage space left on your MacBook Air is something that you will need to do if you are getting warnings that your startup disk is almost full, or if you have attempted to download or install something, only to find that you are unable to complete the action. If you are […]