How to Always Show Scroll Bars on a Mac

You can often scroll in programs on your Mac by simply using the trackpad to scroll. While this can be handy, some Mac users dislike this behavior and don’t use it very often. In situations like this, you may be looking for an alternate way to scroll through applications. One way to do this is […]

How to Show or Hide the Day of the Week on a MacBook

The status bar at the top of the screen on your Mac includes a lot of helpful information and buttons that tell you about the current status of your device. One of the pieces of information in this location is the time, and there might even be a day of the week next to it. […]

How to Make Dock Icons Smaller on a MacBook Air

The dock at the bottom of the screen on your MacBook provides easy access to many of the programs on your computer. Simply click on one of the icons in that dock to open a program. But the dock can take up a good amount of screen real estate, and you might be interested in […]

How to Change Default Finder Window on a Mac

The Finder app on your MacBook is the primary way that you can browse to and open the files that you have saved and created on your Mac. If you double-click a folder on your desktop, then Finder will open directly to that folder. But if you launch the Find app from your dock or […]

How to Keep Keyboard Backlight on for Longer on a Mac

The keyboard backlight on your MacBook makes it much easier to type in the dark, or in low-light environments. It can drain the battery a bit, though, so you may decide that you would like to have that backlight turn off if you haven’t used the computer in a while. Fortunately this is a setting […]

How to Stop Dimming MacBook Display on Battery

MacBook’s generally have very good batteries that can last several hours on a single charge. But, like many other digital devices, one of the biggest drains on the battery is the screen. Your MacBook has a setting where it will automatically dim the display slightly when you are on battery power. This is effective in […]

How to Change the Login Password on a MacBook Air

An important step to keeping your computer secure is a strong user password. Typically you won’t ever share this password with someone other than a friend or family member, thereby limiting access to the computer and all of your information. But if your password is old, weak, or has been shared with someone for whom […]

How to Choose When the Screen Saver Turns on for Your Mac

When you don’t use your Mac for a little while, it’s possible for it to show a screen saver. This is meant to prevent any screen burn in that could occur if certain elements on the screen are displayed in the same location for too long. The amount of time that the screen saver waits […]

Where’s the Volume Button in the Status Bar on My Mac?

The volume level on your Mac is something that you probably adjust all the time. Some videos or music are too loud, while others are too quiet, making it difficult to find a sound level that’s comfortable all the time. One way that you can adjust the volume level on your Mac is via a […]

How to Disable Autofill in Safari on a Mac

The Safari browser on your Mac can save certain types of data when you enter it. This includes things like usernames, passwords, credit card information, and more. This is helpful for filling out forms more quickly, as Safari can determine the type of field that is present on a Web page and fill in the […]