How to Disable the Option to Send Money Through Messages on an iPhone

Person-to-person payment apps like Venmo have become very popular as a way to send money to friends. More and more companies are offering their own solutions for this type of service, and your iPhone using the iOS 11 operating system has one built in now as well.

This feature is part of Apple Pay, and it lets you send money to people through the Messages app. This is made possible by tapping an Apple Pay button when you are in a message conversation. But if you would prefer not to use this and you want to remove the ability to send money this way, then follow our tutorial below.

How to Disable the Apple Pay Cash Option in Messages in iOS 11

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11.2.2. Completing these steps is going to remove the Apple Pay button from the Messages app on your iPhone. Note that this option is not available in iOS 10, so you will need to have updated to iOS 11 if you want to be able to use or disable this feature.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings app

Step 2: Scroll down and choose the Wallet & Apple Pay button.

open the wallet and apple pay menu

Step 3: Tap the button to the right of Apple Pay Cash.

how to turn off the apple pay option in messages

Step 4: Touch the Turn Off option to confirm that you want to turn off this option and remove the Apple Pay Cash card from your device. The Apple Pay button will still appear at the bottom of the Messages app, but will not be configured to send money.

how to disable apple pay cash on iphone

You can always re-enable this option later if you decide that you want to start using it.

If you also have an iPad, you might be interested in setting up text message forwarding so that you can send and receive text messages from that device in addition to your iPhone.

The iOS 11 update includes a number of new features. One of these feature, the ability to record your screen, is something that you can enable and add to the Control Center. This lets you take a video of what is happening on your iPhone’s screen if you want to share it with someone.

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