How to Rename a Device in the Amazon Alexa iPhone App

Amazon’s Alexa feature is available on a number of their branded devices, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV. You can use your voice to tell Alexa what to do, which is not only fun, but pretty easy.

Alexa becomes even more useful when you start adding more device to your home, but Amazon’s default naming convention for these additional devices can be kind of useless, especially if you move them around a lot. Fortunately you are able to change the name of devices in your Alexa app, thereby letting you keep track of everything and update settings a lot more effectively.

Change the Name of One of Your Echos or Fire Sticks in the Amazon Alexa App

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in iOS 10.3.3. I am using the most current version of the Amazon Alexa app available at the time this article was written.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Alexa app.

open the alexa app

Step 2: Tap the menu icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

tap the menu icon

Step 3: Select the Settings option.

open the alexa settings menu

Step 4: Select the device that you want to rename.

select the device to rename

Step 5: Scroll down and touch the Edit button to the right of the device name.

touch the edit button

Step 6: Delete the existing name, type the desired new name, then tap the Save button.

how to change a device name in the amazon alexa app

If you’re thinking about adding some more Alexa-capable devices to your home, thenĀ visit Amazon’s Alexa device page to see some of the options available to you.

There are some other name settings on your iPhone, including the name that is shown when connecting other Bluetooth devices. Check out this guide to see how you can change your iPhone Bluetooth name.

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