How to Make Your iPhone Louder

These steps are repeated below with additional information and pictures for each step. The volume of your iPhone is something that you may not think much about a lot when you’re using it. When you primarily use it with headphones, or watching videos, or taking phone calls – basically any situation where the phone is … Read more

iphone disable sound from airdrop

How to Turn Off the Airdrop Sound on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone can make a number of sounds and display many types of notifications when you receive something like a phone call or text message. But there are a number of other sounds and alerts that you can receive, including those associated with the iPhone’s Airdrop feature. If you had previously configured your iPhone’s notifications … Read more

how to enable downtime on iphone 7

How to Schedule Downtime on an iPhone 7

Once you update your iPhone to the iOS 12 operating system you gain access to a helpful new feature called Screen Time. This allows you to specify a time during the day when you want your iPhone to remain off. This feature is intended to give you a self-imposed break from your iPhone if you … Read more

turn on airplane mode from control center

What Does Airplane Mode Do on the iPhone 7?

Certain types of broadcast wireless signals can interfere with airplane equipment, so it has long been part of the takeoff routine for a pilot or flight attendant to ask you to turn off your electronic devices or put them in airplane mode. Your iPhone has an airplane mode, which you can enable to simultaneously turn … Read more