How to Enable Audio Normalization in the Spotify iPhone App

If you’re reading this article then it’s likely that you have experienced something that is pretty common among Spotify users. You are playing a song in the app, then the next song comes on and it’s either much quieter or much louder than the previous one. This issue arises because individual songs are produced differently, […]

How to Add a New Keyboard on an iPhone 7

Adding a new keyboard to your iPhone 7 is helpful when you need to type in a different language, and therefore need some other characters, or you want to use a keyboard app that you had on another phone or device. Or perhaps you type a lot of lengthy documents on your iPhone and would […]

How to Share a Web Page Link in the Edge iPhone App

Mobile browsing has eclipsed desktop browsing, meaning that it has become the most popular method for people to consume content on the Internet. The Edge iPhone app is one of the ways that you can browse sites on the Web, and it’s one of the only options on the iPhone if you want to be […]

How to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Many of the websites that you visit on the Internet will display some types of ads. But if you find that the presence of these ads is taking away from your enjoyment of the site, then you might be looking for a way to turn them off. Ad blocking tools have existed for a while […]

How to Remove Holidays from the iPhone Calendar

The calendar on your iPhone is something that can get a lot of use if you take advantage of the organization it can bring to your life. You have a lot of flexibility with the types of events that you add to your calendar and, depending on how much you want to use the calendar, […]

How to Add the Magnifier to the Control Center on an iPhone 7

The Camera app on your iPhone includes a zoom feature that lets you take pictures of objects that are far away. You may have even used it in the past to try and get a better look at something that is difficult to see with the naked eye. But your iPhone also has a magnifier […]

How to Rename a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

When you open the Pokemon menu in Pokemon Go you can see a list of the Pokemon that you’ve caught in the game. The information included on that screen for each Pokemon is its CP, its picture, and its current name. By default, the name of a Pokemon will be its name in the game. […]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Calendar Alerts

Your Apple Watch syncs with many of the apps and services on your iPhone. This lets you get alerts and notifications from those apps and services on your watch, meaning that you won’t constantly need to check your phone. But, depending on how you use some of these apps, these alerts may be unwanted or […]

How to Enable or Disable Night Mode in the Firefox iPhone App

Your iPhone’s screen can get very bright. It may not seem like it when you are trying to read something outside on a really sunny day, but it can be blinding when you are reading your screen in a low-light environment. Making some changes to your brightness settings can go a long way toward fixing […]

How to Forget a Wifi Network on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone can connect to the Internet using a cellular connection on your wireless provider’s data network, or it can connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network. As you move throughout the world, however, you will leave the range of one wireless network, forcing you onto a cellular network. But when you arrive at […]