Why is There a Silent Symbol On My Text Message iPhone

Why Is There a Moon Next to My Text Message on an iPhone? (or a Bell in Newer Versions of iOS)

When you aren’t getting notifications about a text message conversation, especially when it’s one that you are actively participating in, then you may be taking a long time to respond. This usually isn’t a glitch with your iPhone and is likely due to a silent symbol or a moon icon iPhone symbol that is muting … Read more

what is the clock icon at the top of my iPhone screen

What is the Clock Icon at the Top of My iPhone Screen?

Your iPhone has several methods for letting you know about alerts or actions that occur on the device. Some of these methods let you know after something occurs, while others can inform you that something is about to happen. The clock icon at the top of the iPhone screen falls into the latter category, which … Read more

the tty symbol at the top of the iphone screen

TTY on iPhone – How to Remove the Phone Icon from the Top of the iPhone 6 Screen

Is there a phone icon in the status bar at the top of your iPhone screen and you don’t know what it’s for? That icon indicates that the “TTY” setting is currently active on your phone. But if you don’t know what that is or if you don’t need ot use it, then you can … Read more

why iphone battery icon switches from black to white

Why Does My iPhone Battery Icon Switch from Black to White?

While some of the battery colors on your iPhone indicate various devices statuses, others are merely cosmetic. For example, your iPhone battery icon can switch from black to white depending on the background color. The battery icon at the top-right corner of your iPhone screen provides a visual indication of the amount of battery life … Read more

Why is the Clock Blue on My iPhone 11?

There are a number of different icons and statuses identified at the top of your iPhone screen. These statuses, mixed with notifications like the traditional ones or the flash notification iPhone feature, can make sure you almost always know what’s going on with your phone. If there’s a clock on your screen and you don’t … Read more

vzw wifi at top of iphone screen

Why Does it Say VZW Wi-Fi at the Top of My iPhone Screen?

Last updated: July 5, 2019 The top-left corner of your iPhone screen usually contains information that tells you about your current network connection. So if you ever wondered whether you were connected to a cellular network or a WiFi network, that that is where you would look. But a new option has come up recently, … Read more