What is the Water Drop Icon at the Top of My Apple Watch Screen?

The Apple Watch is an interesting device because it’s electronic, but it can be used in the water, the rain, or when you are sweating. While the watch was designed to function in wet environments, it is still a good idea to protect it when you have the ability to do so. One way to do this is with the Apple Watch water mode, which is identified by a water drop icon that appears at the top of the watch screen.

Have you noticed a small blue water drop at the top of your Apple Watch screen? Coincidentally, did you also notice that the screen was locked? This is a mode that is useful when you are in water, as water can cause your watch’s touch screen to do some unexpected things.

Our guide below will show you how to manually enter this mode, as well as how you can exit it when you don’t need it active anymore.

How to Enable Water Mode on an Apple Watch

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the water drop icon.

How to Exit Water Mode on an Apple Watch

  1. Press the crown button.
  2. Spin it repeatedly until you hear a tone.

Our article continues below with additional information on the Apple Watch’s water mode, including pictures of how to enable or disable that setting on the Apple Watch.

How to Put the Apple Watch in “Water Mode” (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article are going to show you how to put the watch in water mode and how to exit that mode. Following these steps is going to activate a mode that is meant to be used when you go into water. Water can make touch screens behave strangely, so enabling this mode will lock the screen. Then, before you can exit this mode, you will spin the digital crown to eject the water from the device and unlock the screen.

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch face.

swipe up from the bottom of the apple watch screen

Step 2: Tap the icon that looks like a drop of water.

This is going to put the blue water drop icon at the top of the screen, which will cause it to lock.

what is the water drop on my apple watch

The Water Mode setting on your Apple Watch is particularly interesting because it’s both a setting that you can enable on your own, as well as a setting that can turn on by itself. If you’ve ever gone running in the rain, or been wearing your watch when you were sweating profusely, then it’s very possible that the water drop has appeared on its own. Regardless of whether you are in water mode manually or automatically you can follow the steps below to turn it off.

The Water Drop Means That Water Mode is Turned On – You Can Turn it Off With These Steps (Guide with Pictures)

To exit water mode, press the crown button on the side of the watch, then spin the crown when you see this screen.

how to enter water mode on the apple watch

After spinning the crown a few times you will hear a sound come from the watch, then you will see a notification that the watch has been unlocked.

You can continues reading below for additional information on the water drop on your Apple Watch.

What Does Water Lock Actually Do?

The reason that your Apple Watch has the ability to “lock” itself from water is so that no accidental taps occur on the watch face while the device is getting wet. When that raindrop icon appears on your Apple Watch face the screen will be locked. Turning the digital crown will unlock the watch screen, plus eject any water from the speaker hole.

While the Apple Watch 2 and newer are “water resistant”, which means that they can be used in shallow water, and are more resistant to everyday moisture like sweat, rain, and hand-washing, the device is not waterproof. This means that you shouldn’t go scuba diving, or perform other water activities where you will be submerged in more than a few feet of water while you are wearing the watch.

Additionally, water-resistance doesn’t last forever. The water resistance can be affected by things like soap, impact, heavy steam, chemicals and acids, as well as other substances. Water resistance also can’t be restored, so it’s in your best interest as an Apple Watch owner to avoid subjecting the device to any undo harm.

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