What is the Lock Icon at the Top of My iPhone Screen?

There is a limited amount of space on your iPhone screen, so Apple makes use of small, yet helpful, icons to inform you about the status of current things on your device. Some of these symbols are easy to identify, but others can be confusing, as they could represent any number of statuses.

One particularly confusing icon is the lock icon. This is visible when the Portrait Orientation Lock is enabled on your phone, as in the image below.

what is the lock icon at the top of my iphone screen


This setting prevents your screen from rotating when you physically rotate the device. You can learn how to disable this feature and remove the lock icon by following the steps below.


How to Get Rid of the Lock Icon at the Top of the iPhone Screen

This article was written for iPhones using the iOS 7 version of the operating system. If you are using an older version of iOS, then you can read this article to learn how to turn portrait orientation lock on or off.

Following the steps below will disable the portrait orientation lock that is enabled when that lock icon is visible. This means that rotating your phone while in a compatible app will cause the screen to rotate as well.


Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and press the Home button under your screen to exit any app that you currently have open. You can also perform the rest of the steps from your lock screen, if necessary.


Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. It will look similar to the image shown below.

open the control center from the bottom of the screen



Step 3: Touch the Lock icon at the top-right corner of the Control Center.

tap the lock icon to disable portrait orientation lock



You can then press the Home button under your screen to collapse the Control Center, or you can swipe down from the top of the Control Center to close it.


Are you curious about other icons that appear at the top of your iPhone screen? This article will tell you more about the arrow icon and how you can figure out which app is causing it to appear.

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