Unlock Portrait Orientation on the iPhone 5

Your iPhone is capable of sensing how you are holding your screen and adjusting the display to accommodate that. This means that it can switch between portrait and landscape orientation without any prompting from you. But it is possible to turn on a setting that prevents your iPhone from rotating between the two display modes.

If you find that your iPhone is locked in portrait orientation and will not switch to landscape, then you need to turn off the portrait orientation lock. You will know that the portrait orientation lock is turned on when you see the icon at the top of the screen that is identified in this article.


How to Turn Off Portrait Orientation Lock on the iPhone

Note that turning off portrait orientation lock will only allow you to switch to landscape in apps and locations where it is supported. For example, your Home screen is always locked in portrait orientation, as are menus in the Settings app.


Step 1: Press the Home screen button under your screen to exit any apps that you are currently in and return to the Home screen.



Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to open the Control Center.

swipe up from bottom of screen



Step 3: Touch the Portrait Orientation button at the top-right corner of the Control Center to disable it. Note that the button is white when the lock is enabled, and is grey when not enabled. Portrait Orientation Lock is turned off in the image below.

tap the lock button



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