Put a Picture on Your iPhone 5 Lock Screen in iOS 7

You can customize a lot of the areas of your iPhone to give it some of your own personal creative flair. Whether this is through custom ringtones, organizational structures or phone cases, it is pretty simple to make your iPhone different from everyone else’s.

One additional way that you can modify your iPhone is by putting a picture on your iPhone 5’s lock screen. The lock screen is the first thing that you see after you press the Power button when your phone is locked.

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Set the Lock Screen Picture in iOS 7 on an iPhone

The directions below are specifically for an iPhone that is using the iOS 7 operating system. The directions are different for phones using earlier versions of iOS. You can read this article to learn how to set the lock screen picture in iOS 6.

This guide is written with the intention of using a picture that is on your Camera Roll. You can simply select a different album in step 2 if the picture you want to put on your lock screen is located somewhere else.


Step 1: Open the Photos app.

open the Photos app



Step 2: Touch the Camera Roll option.

select the Camera Roll



Step 3: Tap the thumbnail icon of the picture that you want to use.

touch the thumbnail image of the picture to use for the lock screen



Step 4: Touch the Share icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

touch the Share icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen



Step 5: Select the Use as Wallpaper option in the bottom row. You may have to swipe the row to the left if you do not see the icon.

touch the Use as Wallpaper button



Step 6: You can move and scale the image by dragging it or pinching it, respectively. Touch the Set button when the image is properly configured to go on your lock screen.

move and scale the image, then touch the Set button



Step 7: Touch the Set Lock Screen button.

how to put a picture on the lock screen on the iphone 5 in ios 7



Do you need to enter a passcode to unlock your iPhone, but you no longer want to use that feature? This guide will teach you how to remove the passcode from your iPhone’s lock screen.

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