What is the Status Bar on an iPhone 6?

We have several articles on solveyourtech.com that reference the iPhone status bar. But if you have never heard the location called by that name, then you might be confused when it is mentioned as the location for an icon, or the location of an important piece of information, like the battery icon.

The iPhone 6 status bar is the horizontal bar at the top of the screen that includes things such as the time, the battery indicator, and information about the network to which you are currently connected. The status bar is pointed out in the picture below.

iphone 6 status bar

Some of the symbols in the status bar are identified in the picture below.

example iphone status bar icons

Of particular note is the arrow icon that lets you know when an app or service on your iPhone is using Location Services. You can find out a lot more about that arrow, and why it may occasionally be a different color.

One of the less commonly seen icons is the airplane, which lets you know that you are in Airplane Mode. This icon can be particularly concerning, as many of the features on your iPhone will not work when you are in airplane mode. Learn how you can turn off Airplane Mode if you activated it accidentally.

Now that you know more about what the status bar is on an iPhone 6, you can check this location for different symbols id something seems incorrect on your device, or if you are wondering about a current setting’s status.

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