What is Airplane Mode on iPhone and Why You Should Use It

Airplane mode on an iPhone is a setting that users can activate to temporarily disable wireless communication functions, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This feature is particularly useful during flights, as it complies with airline regulations that require passengers to limit their device’s wireless capabilities. Activating airplane mode is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few steps.

After activating airplane mode, your iPhone will no longer search for or connect to wireless networks, which can help conserve battery life. It also ensures that your device doesn’t interfere with the aircraft’s communication systems. However, you can still use some functions on your iPhone, like accessing already downloaded content, listening to music, and playing games that don’t require an internet connection.

You can also check out this video about airplane mode on an iPhone for more on this subject.


In our constantly connected world, it’s hard to imagine turning off our devices even for a second. However, there are times, especially during flights, when disconnecting is not just recommended, it’s mandated. Here is where the airplane mode on an iPhone comes into play. But what is airplane mode, and why is it significant? For starters, airplane mode is a setting on your iPhone that disables all wireless communication functions. Yes, all of them – cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

You might be wondering, why would anyone want to do that? Well, it’s not always by choice. For instance, when you’re about to take off on a flight, the flight attendants will ask everyone to switch their devices to airplane mode. This is for safety reasons. The airplane mode is designed to eliminate any potential interference that your device’s signal might have with the airplane’s communication systems. It’s a precaution that ensures everyone’s safety onboard.

So why should you care about airplane mode? If you’re someone who travels frequently, understanding and knowing how to use airplane mode is essential. It’s not just about following airline regulations; it’s also about being a considerate traveler. Plus, airplane mode has some added benefits that even non-travelers can take advantage of, like saving battery life and getting some peace away from constant notifications.

Step by Step Tutorial on Activating Airplane Mode on an iPhone

Before diving into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re aiming to achieve. Activating airplane mode will turn off your iPhone’s ability to connect to cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices. Now, let’s get to it.

Step 1: Access the Control Center

Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen (on an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen).

The Control Center is a quick access panel that allows you to toggle various settings on your iPhone, including airplane mode. It’s designed for ease of use and can be accessed from any screen, so you don’t have to exit an app or interrupt what you’re doing to switch modes.

Step 2: Tap the Airplane Icon

Once the Control Center is open, tap the airplane icon.

When you tap the airplane icon, it will turn orange, indicating that airplane mode is active. This icon is universally recognized, so even if you’re using your iPhone in a different language, you’ll still be able to find and activate airplane mode without any issues.

Step 3: Exit the Control Center

Simply swipe the Control Center panel down or press the Home button (or side button on iPhone X and later) to close it.

Activating airplane mode doesn’t require a restart or any additional steps. Once you’ve tapped the airplane icon and it turns orange, you can simply exit the Control Center and proceed with whatever you were doing. Your iPhone will now be in airplane mode until you choose to deactivate it.


Conserves Battery LifeWhen your iPhone is searching for signals, it uses more power. Airplane mode stops these searches, thus conserving battery life.
Complies with Airline RegulationsActivating airplane mode ensures that your device complies with airline regulations during flights, promoting safety for all passengers.
Peace and QuietWithout constant notifications or calls, you can enjoy some downtime, focus on work, or simply relax without distractions.


No Incoming Calls or MessagesWhile in airplane mode, you won’t be able to receive calls or messages, which could be inconvenient if you’re waiting on important communication.
No Internet AccessAirplane mode disables Wi-Fi, so unless you turn Wi-Fi back on while in airplane mode, you won’t have internet access.
Potential ForgetfulnessIt’s possible to forget to turn off airplane mode, which could lead to missed calls and messages once you’re back on the ground.

Additional Information

Airplane mode is more than just a tool for flights. It can be handy in a variety of situations. Suppose you’re in a meeting and don’t want to be disturbed by calls or notifications, but still need to use your iPhone for notes or presentations – airplane mode to the rescue! It allows you to maintain the functionality of your device without the interruptions.

Additionally, if you’re trying to conserve your data usage while traveling abroad, airplane mode can prevent unexpected charges from your carrier. You can still connect to Wi-Fi hotspots (after activating airplane mode, you can manually turn Wi-Fi back on), allowing you to access the internet without using your cellular data.

One little known fact is that GPS functions still work in airplane mode. So, if you’re using your iPhone as a GPS device for navigation, you can still keep track of your location without interfering with airplane systems or using data.


  1. Access the Control Center
  2. Tap the Airplane Icon
  3. Exit the Control Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in airplane mode?

Yes, you can manually re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth after activating airplane mode if you want to connect to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices.

Will activating airplane mode affect my alarms or scheduled events?

No, all your alarms and calendar events will still function as normal while your iPhone is in airplane mode.

Can I receive calls or texts in airplane mode?

No, airplane mode disables your cellular connection, so you will not receive calls or texts.

How do I know if airplane mode is activated?

The airplane icon in the Control Center will be orange, and you’ll see an airplane icon in the status bar at the top of your screen.

Is it necessary to use airplane mode on flights?

Yes, it’s a requirement by airlines to prevent potential interference with the aircraft’s communication systems.


Airplane mode on an iPhone is a versatile tool that serves purposes beyond just complying with airline regulations. Its ability to conserve battery life, provide peace and quiet, and even help with data management while traveling makes it a feature worth understanding and utilizing. However, it’s important to recognize its limitations, such as the inability to receive calls or use cellular data.

In today’s connected world, knowing how to swiftly switch to airplane mode can make your travels smoother and less disruptive. So next time you’re about to ascend into the skies or simply need a break from the digital noise, remember that airplane mode is just a swipe and a tap away. Happy travels, and enjoy the serenity airplane mode can bring to your life.

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