How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Freezing your location on Find My iPhone is a handy trick if you want to stop sharing your location with friends or family without them knowing. It’s a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. After completing these steps, your location will appear to be static to those you share it with, even if you move about.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that this process will make your iPhone stop updating its location. This means that if you’re using the app to share your location with someone, they’ll only see the last location your phone was at before you completed these steps.

Step 1: Turn on Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone.

When you turn on Airplane Mode, it stops all wireless communication from your phone. This includes cellular data, Wi-Fi, and GPS, which is how Find My iPhone tracks your location.

Step 2: Open Find My iPhone

Open the Find My iPhone app on your device.

By opening the app, you’ll be able to check if your location has been frozen. It should show your location as the last place you were before you turned on Airplane Mode.

Step 3: Check Your Location

Verify that your location is frozen.

After you’ve opened the app, give it a moment to update. If your location doesn’t change after a minute or so, that means you’ve successfully frozen your location.

After completing these steps, you can go about your business without worrying about your location being tracked. Just remember to turn off Airplane Mode when you want to start sharing your location again.

Tips for Freezing Location on Find My iPhone

  • Make sure to close out of any apps that use your location before turning on Airplane Mode. This includes maps, weather, and other location-based services.
  • If you’re using iOS 14 or later, you can use the “Precise Location” toggle to share your general area without giving away your exact location.
  • Remember that freezing your location may affect other services on your phone, such as receiving calls and messages.
  • Consider informing close friends or family members that you’re freezing your location, so they don’t worry if they can’t track you.
  • Use this feature responsibly and avoid using it to deceive others about your whereabouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still receive calls and texts with Airplane Mode on?

No, Airplane Mode disables all wireless communication, so you won’t be able to receive calls or texts.

Will my location update if I connect to Wi-Fi while in Airplane Mode?

Yes, if you connect to Wi-Fi, your location may update. To keep your location frozen, stay disconnected from Wi-Fi.

Can I freeze my location for one person but not another?

No, freezing your location on Find My iPhone will affect all location sharing on your device.

Will emergency services still be able to track me?

In an emergency, services may still be able to track your location through other means, even if you’ve frozen your location on your phone.

What happens if I turn off my iPhone completely?

If you turn off your iPhone, your location will not update, but it will show as offline to those trying to track you.


  1. Turn on Airplane Mode.
  2. Open Find My iPhone.
  3. Check your location is frozen.


Freezing your location on Find My iPhone can be a useful feature for maintaining privacy or for other personal reasons. It’s a simple process that requires you to switch your phone to Airplane Mode, open the Find My iPhone app, and confirm that your location is frozen. Remember to consider the implications of freezing your location, as it will affect other functionalities of your phone. Use this feature responsibly and keep in mind that in case of emergency, authorities may still be able to track your phone’s location. If you’re curious about more ways to manage your location settings or want to explore other features of Find My iPhone, there are plenty of resources available. Stay safe and informed about your privacy options!

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