If I Block Someone On My iPhone 7, Will They Be Able to Tell?

In previous articles we have discussed both how to block a caller on your iPhone, and how to view the blocked numbers on your iPhone. These are both important parts of using the call-blocking feature on your device, but they are focused primarily with your end of the call-blocking relationship.

If you have blocked someone that is bothering you with unwanted calls, such as an acquaintance that you dislike, or a telemarketer, then you may not actually care whether or not they know they have been blocked. But you may have a personal or work acquaintance whose number you have blocked, but you would prefer that they not know the block has been put in place.

While there is no clear indication that you have blocked someone’s phone calls, text messages, or FaceTime calls, there is some behavior that will occur when a blocked number attempts to reach you. Primarily, when you have blocked someone on your iPhone, their call will ring once for them, then be sent to voicemail. You, as the call recipient, will not see or hear the call but, if they leave you a voicemail, it will appear in a special Blocked section on the Voicemail tab of your Phone app.

There will be no indication to a blocked text message sender that they have been blocked. You, as the recipient, will simply never receive the message. From their perspective, all that is visible is a Delivered notification under the sent message. You can continue reading below to see how you can block a contact on your iPhone, as well as how you can view the list of people that you have blocked.

How to block a call on an iPhone 7

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Select the Recents list.
  3. Tap the i next to the number you want to block.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Block this Caller button.
  5. Tap the Block Contact option.

can someone tell that i have blocked them on my iphone


How to view your list of blocked callers on an iPhone 7

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap the Phone option.
  3. Touch the Call Blocking & Identification option.
  4. Scroll through this list to view the phone numbers that you have blocked through the Phone, Message, or FaceTime apps.

is there any indication that someone is blocked on an iphone


Is there a number on your block list that shouldn’t be there? Find out how to unblock a caller on your iPhone 7 so that you start receiving calls and texts from that number again.

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