How to See if There is an Update Available for an App on Your iPhone 7

App updates on your iPhone often provide improvements, bug fixes, and new features for the apps that you have installed on your device. However, these app updates might not install automatically, or immediately, when they become available in the app store. If you find that you want to use an app feature that was included in a recent update, but that feature doesn’t seem to be available yet in the version of the app on your device, then you might be wondering how to see if there is an update available for that app on your iPhone.

Our guide below will show you where to check for new updates. We will also show you where to find a setting that can automatically manage your app updates so that you won’t need to manually check if the update is available yet in the future.

How to Check for App Updates on an iPhone 7

The steps below were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in iOS 10.2. At the end of this article we will show you a setting that you can enable on your iPhone which will let the device automatically install app updates as they become available. Unless you have some apps that you definitely do not wish to update, this can be the ideal option for most users, as it will allow the iPhone to automatically manage your app updates.

Step 1: Open the App Store.

view iphone app update status

Step 2: Touch the Updates tab at the bottom of the screen.

how to check for new app updates on an iphone

Step 3: Check the list of updates on this screen. If the button next to an app says Update, then you can tap that button to install the update for that app. You can also select the Update All option at the top of the screen to install all of the available app updates.

how to see if an update is available for an iphone app

Now that you know how to see if there is an update available for an app on your iPhone, you can come back and check this menu if you are waiting for a specific feature or issue resolution that is supposed to be included in the most current version of an app.

As mentioned earlier, you can enable automatic app updates on your iPhone 7 if you would like the phone to manage app updates on its own.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

enable automatic iphone app updates

Step 2: Scroll down and tap the iTunes & App Store option.

how to automatically install iphone app updates

Step 3: Touch the button to the right of Updates to turn it on.

how to let the iphone automatically install app updates

You can also choose to toggle the Use Cellular Data option on or off if you only want the updates to download when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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