How to Email Photos from iPhone 7

The pictures that you take with your iPhone might be what you want for your own purposes, but you might also have pictures that you want to share with friends or family.

While sending hose pictures via text is an option, you might also be wondering how to email photos from IPhone 7 if you would rather send them in an email.

Luckily this is one of the sharing options available to you when you select a picture in the Photos app.

How to Email a Picture on an iPhone 7

  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the picture.
  3. Touch the Share button.
  4. Select Mail.
  5. Enter the recipient’s email address, a subject, and a message.
  6. Tap the Send button.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to email photos from iPhone 7, including pictures of these steps.

When you are running out of storage space on your iPhone and reading a guide on how to regain some of that space, one of the best ways to clear some room is by deleting your pictures.

While these pictures can be backed up by uploading them to a service like Dropbox, you might decide to email some of your pictures to one of your own email addresses or a family member’s email address instead.

But if you have never emailed a picture from your iPhone 7 before, then you might be wondering how to do so.

While there are a couple of different ways to accomplish this, we will show you a method where you go into the Photos app, select the photos that you want to email, then create and send the message.

Check out our tutorial on how to transfer iPhone photos to PC if you want to save all of your iPhone pictures to your computer.

How to Send a Picture from Your iPhone 7 in an Email (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 10.3.1. This guide assumes that you have the following three items:

If you have all of these items, then you can proceed below to email a picture from your iPhone 7.

Step 1: Open the Photos app.

share pictures via email on iphone

Step 2: Select the album containing the picture(s) that you want to send through email, then tap the Select button at the top-right corner of the screen.

send pictures through email on iphone

Step 3: Tap the picture(s) that you want to email, then touch the Share icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

It’s the square with an arrow coming out of it.

how to email iphone pictures

Step 4: Select the Mail option.

send picture in email on iphone 7

Step 5: Enter the email address of the intended recipient into the To field, enter a subject, add any necessary information to the body, then tap the Send button at the top-right corner of the screen.

how to email a picture on an iphone 7

Now that you know how to email photos from iPhone 7 you will be able to easily share your pictures with anybody whose email address you have.

Note that, depending on the number and size of pictures that you are trying to email you might get a pop-up asking you to select the image size for the attachments.

Some email providers may not accept emails with very large attachments, so it is generally safer to send the smaller-sized images. However, many popular email providers like Gmail and Yahoo can comfortably handle email attachments under 25 MB.

If you have multiple email addresses on your iPhone and the device is trying to send it from the wrong one, then you might need to change your default email address.

Your iPhone uses your default address whenever you type a new email message, so changing this setting can save you some time if you find that you are always switching to a different address.

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