How to Add Another Account in Yahoo Mail

Many people have more than one email account. You may even have them set up on your smartphone.

Use these steps to add another email account in Yahoo Mail.

How to Add More Accounts to Yahoo Mail

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click Settings at the top-right.
  3. Choose More settings at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Select the Mailboxes tab.
  5. Click Add mailbox.
  6. Select the type of email account.
  7. Enter your address and password and give Yahoo Mail permissions.

Our guide continues below with additional information and pictures for these steps.

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Do you have multiple email accounts and hate constantly switching between them?

Yahoo Mail offers a solution that lets you sign into your Yahoo account, then simply click the email account that you want to manage from links at the top of your folder list. This lets you view and send emails from multiple accounts in one location.

Our tutorial below will show you how to add another email account (even a non-Yahoo one) to Yahoo Mail, so that you can send and receive messages without ever switching tabs.

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How to Receive and Send Emails from a Gmail Account in Yahoo Mail (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed in the desktop version of Google Chrome, but will also work in other desktop Web browsers. You will need the email address and password for the account that you want to manage from Yahoo Mail.

It can take some time after adding the account for the sync to be completed. Additionally, depending on the security settings for the account that you are adding, it’s likely that you will receive some security warnings to let you know that you are using the account in a new location.

We are adding a Gmail account in the steps below, so there may be some slight differences if you are adding a different type of account.

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These steps will show you how to add an additional email account to your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 1: Sign into your Yahoo Mail account at

Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2: Click the Settings button at the top-right of the Yahoo window.

click Settings

Open the Settings menu.

Step 3: Choose More settings at the bottom of the menu.

select More settings

Select the More settings option.

Step 4: Select the Mailboxes tab at the left side of the menu.

click Mailboxes

Choose the Mailboxes tab.

Step 5: Click the Add mailbox option.

select add mailbox

Select Add mailbox.

Step 6: Select the type of account that you wish to add from the column at the right side of the window.

select the type of email account

Choose the email account type.

Step 7: Type the email address of the account to add into the Email address field, then click the Add mailbox button.

type address of account to add

Enter the email address, then click Add mailbox.

Step 8: Type the email address again if it’s not already filled in, then click the Next button.

enter email address for new account

Type the email again and click Next.

Step 9: Type the account password, then click the Next button.

enter password for account

Type the password and click Next.

Step 10: Click the Allow button to give Yahoo permissions to access the new account.

allow yahoo to access other email account

Click Allow.

Step 11: Type your name into the Your name field, then click the Done button.

enter name and description for new account in yahoo mail

Type your name and click Done.

Note that this does not import existing emails from the second account. However, all future emails that you receive will be accessible from a link that you click at the top of your folder list on the left side of the window. Whichever account is selected is the one from which new emails will be sent.

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You can always remove a mailbox that you have added by clicking on it under the list of mailboxes, then clicking the Remove mailbox button at the bottom of the right column.

Adding another mailbox to Yahoo Mail won’t affect your ability to access that account through the typical method. For example, you can still go to to sign into Gmail.

Yahoo has default options for adding email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and Office 365. There is also an “Other” option that you can use to add most other email accounts as well.

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Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about how to add a Yahoo Mail different account to your existing email.

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More Information on Adding Accounts to Yahoo Mail

While we specified above that you can get to your Yahoo login at, you could also just go to and click the Mail icon at the top-right corner.

Alternatively, you could go to or, which will redirect you to the same My Yahoo login that you would get if you went to the login or and clicked the Mail tab.

Rather than trying to configure everything with an existing account, another option would be to go through the “Create yahoo account” process instead.

You can do this by going to (while not signed into your current Yahoo Mail account), clicking the Sign In button at the top-right, then selecting the Create an Account option. This lets you create a Yahoo new user, with a brand new email address.

You could also use an existing Gmail account, or an account with another email provider and create a new yahoo account without a new Yahoo email address.

Note that you won’t be able to do a Yahoo Mail sign in with password only. When you go to mail or mail yahoo com, or however you get to your inbox Ymail, you will need to have your Yahoo email address or username in combination with the password.

Note that the login that we reference is just the site or login where you see your inbox after you sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo Mail Accounts

What are the Yahoo Mail create account steps?

If you don’t already have a Yahoo account and a Yahoo Mail email address, then you can create one for free pretty quickly.

Simply go to and click the Create an account button.

Enter your name, desired email address, password, and birth year, then click Continue.

Type your phone number and click Send code.

Enter the code when you get it, then click the Verify button.

Can I remove an email address that I added to my Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, you are able to remove an account that you have added in this way if you no longer wish to use it in the future.

You can sign in to your Yahoo Mail account, click Settings, then click More Settings, then the Mailboxes tab.

You can then click on the email address you wish to remove, then click the Remove mailbox button in the rightmost column.

If I change the email address for the account I added, will I need to update it with Yahoo?

Yes, you will be prompted to update the email password in your Yahoo account if it’s unable to sign in to the account.

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