How to Delete an Email Account on an iPhone 6

While some people will keep the same email account for years, even decades, other people will switch to new hosts or better handles periodically.

I have a few different email accounts that I use, and often wind up with old ones on my devices that are only getting spam or junk.

Our tutorial below will show you how to delete an iPhone email account if you currently have one on your phone that you don’t need any more.

How to Remove Email Account from an iPhone 6 – Quick Summary

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and choose Password & Accounts.
  3. Select the account to delete.
  4. Touch the Delete Account button.
  5. Tap the Delete from My iPhone button.

Continue reading below for additional information, as well as pictures for each of these steps. The bottom of this section also addresses how to remove an email account from an iPhone 6 in earlier versions of iOS.

For additional information on this topic, including how to remove accounts on newer iPhone models, check out our how to delete email account on iPhone article.

You may find that you want to delete all of the emails from your iPhone 6 at once if you are giving it to another person, or planning to sell the device.

But rather than deleting each of the email messages that appear in the Mail app, the better choice is usually removing the mail account from the iPhone entirely.

This process is performed through the Settings menu and essentially uninstalls the email account from the device.

Our guide below will highlight what you can accomplish by completing these email account removal steps, as well as identify the types of email accounts for which this will work.

If you don’t want to delete the account from your phone, but simply want to stop seeing emails, then you can read our article on how to turn off emails on iPhone.

How to Delete Email Account from iPhone 6 – iOS 12 (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this section were performed in iOS 12.1.4.

Note that in some earlier versions of iOS there isn’t a Passwords & Account menu, so you will need to go through the Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu instead. You can read this article if you need to adjust the default mail account after making this change.

Note that deleting an email account from your iPhone 6 using this method will not affect the email account itself. You will still be able to access it from a Web browser, another app, or another device.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings app

Step 2: Scroll down and choose the Passwords & Accounts option.

open the passwords and accounts menu

Step 3: Choose the email account to remove.

select the account to remove

Step 4: Tap the Delete Account button.

how to delete email account from iphone

Step 5: Select the Delete from My iPhone button.

how to remove email account from iphone 6

The section below addresses the removal of an email address in earlier versions of iOS.

If you’re a Yahoo Mail user and would like to manage multiple email addresses from their Web app, then find out how with this Yahoo Mail create account guide.

How to Remove an Email Account on an iPhone 6 – Legacy

The steps in the article below will instruct you in deleting an email account from your iPhone. Note that these same steps work for the following goals:

  • Deleting a Gmail account
  • Deleting an Exchange account
  • Deleting a Yahoo account
  • Deleting an account
  • Deleting an AOL account
  • Deleting any other email from a custom domain, such as a work email account

You will not be able to delete the iCloud account that appears in the menu in step 3 below.

Once you have finished these steps to remove the email account from your iPhone, you will no longer receive new messages, you will be unable to send new messages from that account, you will not be able to access contacts that were associated with that account, your associated calendar will be removed, and you will not be able to access any notes that were linked to that account.

Outlook users that are looking for directions specific to that type of email account can visit our how to delete Outlook account on iPhone guide.

Other email accounts will not be affected by this. Additionally, uninstalling the email account from your iPhone will not cancel the account.

You will still be able to access it through a Web browser, or from other devices. You can also reinstall the account later, if you so choose.

Here are the steps to take the Mail account off your device –

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

open mail, contacts, calendars

Step 3: Select the email account that you wish to remove.

select the email account to delete

Step 4: Tap the red Delete Account button at the bottom of the screen.

remove mail account from iphone

Step 5: Tap the Delete from My iPhone button.

confirm email account deletion

These steps will allow you to delete a mail account on any iPhone model in iOS 7, iOS 8, or iOS 9.

If you have more than one email account on your iPhone that you would like to delete, then you will need to repeat these steps for each additional account as well.

If the email account cannot be deleted, then try restarting your iPhone and trying again. You can do this by holding down the Power button, then swiping right on the Slide to power off button. Once the iPhone has shut off, you can then hold the Power button again to turn it back on.

If you are having trouble removing an email account from the device, then its possible that Restrictions have been turned on. You can read this article – – to learn how to change the Restrictions settings and allow for the editing and removal of email accounts.

If you’re unsure if you want to delete your email account from your phone, you could try signing out instead. This keeps the account on the device, but no new messages will be delivered to the Mail app. The section that follows deals with this.

Turning Off Mail on an iPhone

The Mail app on an iPhone is mostly used to connect to your email accounts, but the Settings app also allows you to modify other account settings.

Visit our website about how to sign out of mail on an iPhone for more information on this subject.

You can choose to disable the Mail feature in addition to a variety of other settings, such as contact or calendar synchronization, in this menu. The following steps will assist you in doing that:

  1. Select Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Choose the Mail menu option.
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Select the email address from which you want to log out.
  5. Disable the Mail option.

Now that you know how to log out of an iPhone email account, you can turn this setting on or off if you decide you no longer want to view emails from that account in your phone’s inbox.

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