How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

If you have been using your Yahoo Mail account for a long time, then you have probably also been using the same password for a long time. Most people use the same password for a lot of different websites and programs, which could mean that your password might have been compromised at some point in the past. Additionally, Yahoo has not always had the most stringent requirements for their passwords, so the password to access your Yahoo Mail account might not be strong. Fortunately you can learn how to change your Yahoo Mail password, which will let you change it to one that is unique to this application, and is stronger than the one that you have been using this whole time.


Changing the Password for Yahoo Mail


if you receive a warning that your Yahoo Mail account may have been compromised, then the first thing you should do is change the password. If a malicious individual is in possession of your login credentials, then you need to take action to ensure that this information is no longer accurate. The process of changing the password is relatively simple, and is not something that you should worry about doing.

Step 1: Open a Web browser window and go to

Step 2: Type your Yahoo ID and current password into their respective fields, then click the Sign In button.

Step 3: Click your name at the top-left corner of the window to open a drop-down menu, then click the Account Info option.

yahoo mail account info


Step 4: Retype your current password into the Password field, then click Sign In again.

Step 5: Click the Change your password link in the Sign-In and Security section of the window.

how to change your yahoo mail password


Step 6: Type the current password into the Current Password field, type the new password into the New Password field, then re-type the new password into the Re-type New Password field.

replace old yahoo password


Step 7: Click the yellow Save button at the bottom-left corner of the window. newsletter

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