How to Enable Tabs in Yahoo Mail

Tabbed browsing has become a standard feature in the Web browsers that you use on your computer, and even on some of the browsers that you use on your phone. Tabbed navigation provides a convenient way to navigate between multiple files in an application, and Yahoo mail offers an option with tabs that you can […]

How to Create a New Folder in Yahoo Mail

When you start to receive a lot of emails, organizing them all can become a bit of a hassle. While Yahoo Mail’s search feature is pretty good, you can’t always rely on your memory to find the information that you need. One good way to step up your email organization is with the addition of […]

How to Turn Off Link Previews in Yahoo Mail

Adding a link to an email is a great way to let an email contact visit a Web page that is relevant to the conversation that you are having. Yahoo Mail has a feature where, after you create a link in the body of an email, a preview of the linked Web page will be […]

How to Add Another Account in Yahoo Mail

Do you have multiple email accounts and hate constantly switching between them? Yahoo Mail offers a solution that lets you sign into your Yahoo account, then simply click the email account that you want to manage from links at the top of your folder list. This lets you view and send emails from multiple accounts […]

How to Switch Between Full Featured and Basic Mode in Yahoo Mail

Have you ever tried to change a setting in Yahoo Mail, only to find that the instructions don’t seem to be correct? This is often due to the fact that Yahoo Mail actually has two different “modes.” One mode is the current, full-featured mode, and the other is a more basic mode. Many of the […]

How to Change the From Name in Yahoo Mail

When you send an email from your Yahoo account, your recipient’s email provider will display some identifying information about you to let the recipient know who sent the email. This information might be your name, your business name, or your email address. With a yahoo account, that “From” information is provided by the information in […]

How to Set an Out of Office Reply in Yahoo Mail

Learning how to set an out of office reply in Yahoo Mail is crucial if you need to let your contacts know that you might not be responding to their messages for a short period of time. The out of office reply, or vacation response, as it is called by Yahoo, is sent automatically when […]