What are the Numbers in the Message Field When I Send Text Messages on My iPhone?

You may have noticed that some of the text messages you send from your iPhone will have a number that displays at the upper-right corner of the message field. You probably also noticed that this number increases as you type. That is because it is counting the number of characters that are included in the text message (or SMS message) that you are typing.

The numbers that we are talking about are pointed out in the picture below:

why are there numbers in the message field on my iphone text messages

You may have also discovered that this only happens on some of the messages that you send, specifically those that are green. This is because there are different rules that apply when you send SMS messages (the green ones) and iMessages (the blue ones.) An SMS message can only contain 160 characters, while an iMessage does not have that restriction. If you would like to turn off the Messages character count on your iPhone, you can follow the steps below to do so.


How to Turn off Character Count for Text Messages on an iPhone 7

The steps in this guide were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus, in iOS 10.2. These steps will work for other iPhone models using iOS 10, as well as most iPhone models running other versions of iOS.

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon.

open the settings menu



Step 2: Scroll down and select the Messages option.

open the messages menu



Step 3: Scroll down and tap the button to the right of Character Count to turn it off. The character count is not shown when there is no green shading around the button, and the button is in the left position. The character count for text messages on this iPhone is turned off in the picture below.

how to turn off the text message character count on the iphone 7



Have you noticed that some of the text messages you send from your iPhone are blue, while others are green? Learn what these different text message colors mean on an iPhone so that you are able to tell more information about the text or iMessages that you send from your device.

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