How to Type With Caps Lock on the iPad 2

Many people like to type in all capital letters because they like the way that it looks. Additionally, it can be used in emails or messages to imply emphasis on a word or sentence. It’s also something that is frequently used to indicate that the person writing the message wants the reader of the message to know that they are “shouting” something that is written in capital letters. But typing in all capital letters can be difficult on the iPad, as the “shift” arrow will only apply a capital effect to one letter at a time. Fortunately you can use a simple method to turn on the “caps lock” key on your iPad to more easily type in all capital letters.


Typing in All Capital Letters on the iPad 2

This option will work for most of the apps on your iPad 2 where you can pull up a keyboard. It’s important to bear in mind, however, that many username and password combinations for websites are case-sensitive. So make sure to check that caps lock is off before you attempt to log into an account on a site where your username or password has lower-case letters.


Step 1: Open an app where you want to type in all capital letters. I am going to use the “Notes” app for this example.


Step 2: Tap somewhere on the screen where you want to type, which will bring up the keyboard.

touch the screen to bring up the keyboard



Step 3: Double-tap the shift arrow, highlighted in yellow in the image below.

double-tap the shift arrow



Step 4: The shift arrow should now be blue, allowing you to type in all capital letters.

how to type with caps lock on the ipad 2



You can turn off caps lock by touching the shift arrow one more time, which will return it to the default gray color.


Note that caps lock will not remain on if you exit an app and return to it. You will need to double-tap the “shift” arrow any time that you want to start typing in all capital letters.

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