Add a Link to a Website to Your iPad Home Page

If you like to visit the same Web pages over and over, then it can be tedious to type the address of that page every time. Fortunately there are options available that allow you to save a link to that Web page so that you only need to select the link on your iPad. One […]

Clear Your Browsing History on the iPad

The Web browser that you use to visit websites on your iPad is called Safari, and it has many of the same features and capabilities of a browser that you might use on your computer. One of these features is that it stores your browsing history. This is helpful if you want to return to […]

How to Make Text Bigger on the iPad

The default font size on the iPad is meant to be ideal for the highest percentage of people possible, but many people will find that it is either too small or too large. Fortunately you can adjust the text size on the iPad and make it bigger and easier to read. You can follow the […]

How to Rotate a Picture on the iPad

Correct orientation on pictures has long been a problem for anyone using a camera, and it’s a problem that is still present on mobile device cameras. Because of this issue, you may find pictures on your camera roll that do not have the correct orientation and need to be rotated. You might think that this […]

Deleting an App on the iPad 2 in iOS 7

Installing an app on your iPad 2 is a really easy thing to do and, often, is completely free. But there is a huge library of apps in the App Store, and not all of them are good or particularly useful. So you may find that you aren’t using an app anymore, or that it […]

How to Delete a Downloaded Video on the Amazon Instant iPad App

Purchasing and renting digital movies is becoming increasingly more popular with a larger group of people, and there is a large selection of devices on which you can stream those videos. Some apps, such as Amazon Instant, even allow you to download movies to your device so that you can watch them when you are […]

How to Delete a Movie on the iPad 2

iPads don’t have a lot of storage space, even if you have a 64 GB one. This makes space management an important part of owning an iPad. Since movies are usually the largest files that are stored on an iPad, they are usually one of the first things you should be looking at when you […]

How to View All of Your Purchased TV Shows in iOS 7 on the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is great for watching videos, whether they are files stored on your device, or videos being streamed from a service like Netflix. So when you own a lot of TV show episodes in iTunes, you want to have access to them to download and watch them at your leisure. This is especially […]

How to Sign Out of Your Apple ID on an iPad

iPads are great devices for families, but they can be a little expensive to buy one for everybody. So a lot of people will share one iPad. But you need to be signed into an Apple ID in order to make purchases in iTunes or download apps, which means that someone is going to be […]

Setting Up an iPad for Your Child

iPads hold access to a world of exciting apps, movies and music. But many of these items cost money, or are inappropriate for children. It is difficult to keep a child from wanting to use the iPad, however, and it does have a lot of child-friendly apps that can keep them entertained or educate them. […]