How Do You Zoom in on the iPad 2 Camera

While some people will argue that the iPad 2 is not an ideal device for taking pictures, it still has a functional camera, and you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to use that camera instead of the one on your phone, or an actual camera. And while there are buttons and icons on the Camera screen that allow you to adjust certain camera settings, the zoom feature is noticeably absent. This is because zooming on the iPad 2 camera is accomplished with gestures.


How to Zoom with the iPad 2 Camera

You can actually zoom in one of two ways, but both start with the same touch gesture. Follow the steps below to learn this gesture so that you can zoom in and out with your iPad 2 camera.


Step 1: Launch the Camera app.

launch the ipad camera app



Step 2: Place your fingers on the screen in a “pinch” position, like in the image shown below.

pinch the screen



Step 3a: Move the slider that appears in the screen below OR

locate the zoom slider



Step 3b: Move your fingers apart, like in the image below.

how to zoom on the ipad 2 camera



You can then elect to pinch in or out, or position the slider to enable your preferred amount of zoom.

The method for zooming on the iPhone is very similar, and you can read this article to learn how.

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