How to Zoom the iPhone 5 Camera

The screen on the iPhone 5 camera has a few icons and options that you can use, but it does not include any kind of zoom option.

This may lead you to believe that you cannot zoom in or out with the iPhone 5 camera, but that function does exist on the device.

So continue reading below to learn how to zoom in or out with the iPhone 5.

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How Do I Zoom on My iPhone 5 Camera?

As with many of the features on the iPhone 5, the zoom function on the camera is accomplished with gestures as opposed to buttons. So to zoom with the camera, you need to pinch the screen with two fingers.

iphone 5 pinch to zoom

This will bring up a previously hidden zoom slider, like in the image below.

how to bring up the zoom slider

You can then continue to pinch either in or out to decrease or increase zoom, or you can move the slider at the bottom of the screen. The pinch gesture can be a little tricky at first, as you are technically moving your fingers apart to zoom in, then moving them together to zoom out.

iphone 5 zoom pinch screen

Once you get a feel for it, however, it makes sense.

zooming with the iphone 5 camera

Note that you do not have the zoom option while you are recording video, however. So if you have moved the camera to the video option, the zoom feature will not be possible.

If you have a printer on the same network as your iPhone 5 that is capable of of AirPrint, you can print pictures to that printer directly from the iPhone 5.

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