How to Delete a Picture in Word 2013

Last updated on May 13th, 2023 at 04:30 am

The shortcut menu that appears when you right-click an image in Word 2013 contains a number of different settings and options that you can use to manipulate a picture. For example, you could add a hyperlink to a picture so that a reader can click the picture and be taken to a Web page or file on the Internet.

But you may notice that there isn’t an option on that right-click menu to delete or remove a picture. There is an option to cut a picture, which can be a solution, depending upon your needs. Our guide below will show you how you can use your keyboard to remove a picture from a document in Word 2013.


Deleting a Picture in Word 2013

The steps in this article will assume that you have a picture in the body of your document that you want to delete. If the picture that you want to delete is in the background or the header, the you will need to follow these steps on how to delete a watermark from a Word 2013 document.

Here is how to delete a picture in Word 2013 –

  1. Open the document that contains the picture you wish to remove.
  2. Click the picture that you want to delete.
  3. Press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard to remove the image.


These steps are repeated below with pictures –

Step 1: Open your document in Word 2013.


Step 2: Click the picture that you wish to delete. Some boxes and controls should be visible around the picture when it is selected, as in the image below.

click the picture to delete



Step 3: Press the Backspace or the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the image.

delete a word 2013 picture



Do you have a picture that you want to add as the background to a document, or a company logo that you wish to use to watermark a document? Learn about adding background images in Word 2013 to achieve the effect that you are looking for.


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