How to Add a Link to a Picture in Microsoft Word 2013

Links to Web pages are everywhere, and most popular document editing tools include a way for you to add links to your creations.

Microsoft Word 2013 is no different, and you may have even added text links to a document before.

But you can also add a link to an image if you find that you need this functionality.

Whether the link is there to provide credit to the creator of the image or to offer your document reader additional information about a topic, the ability to point them to another location can be very helpful.

Our short how-to guide below will show you the steps needed in order to add a link to an image.

Hyperlink a Picture in Word 2013

The steps in this article will require you to know the Web address (URL) of the page to which you want your image to link. People will then be able to click the picture in your document and open that link in their default Web browser.

These steps assume that you already have a picture in your document to which you want to add the link. If you do not, then this article will show you how to add a picture to your document.

Step 1: Open the document containing the image to which you want to add a link.

Step 2: Click the image to select it.

select the picture for the link

Step 3: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

click the insert tab

Step 4: Click the Hyperlink button in the Links section of the navigational ribbon at the top of the window.

click the hyperlink button

Step 5: Type the URL for the link into the Address field at the bottom of the window. Note that you can also copy and paste a link from a different location (such as an open Web browser tab) if you do not know or do not want to type the address yourself. The steps in this article will help if you are having difficulty copying and pasting a link from an open Web page. Click the OK button once the address has been entered.

enter the link into the address field

Click in another location in the document so that the image is no longer selected, then you can hover over the image to see the link. If you hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the image, you will be taken to the Web page.

ctrl plus click the image

An alternative way to add a link would be to right-click the image, then click the Hyperlink option.

right-click, then click hyperlink

Now that you know how to add a link to a picture in Word 2013, you can use this option whenever you have an image in your document that you want your readers to be able to click.

You can use a similar method to add a link to a picture in Excel 2013.

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