How to Link to a Web Page in Word 2013

Links to Web pages are found almost everywhere. They are in emails, they can be sent through text message, they are on other Web pages, and they can even be in Microsoft Word documents.

A link in a Word document can be a helpful resource to include when you are creating a document about a topic and you want to provide your readers with additional information, but do not want to include the full content of the linked page.

Readers can choose to visit the link on their own, and you are providing the means to do that by allowing them to simply click the link that you have created. So if you are in a position where you want to add a link to your Word 2013 document, then you can follow the steps below to learn how.

Creating a Hyperlink in Word 2013

This tutorial will assume that you have a Web browser window open with the Web page to which you want to create the link in your document. If you are not already at that page, then please open a Web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and navigate to the Web page to which you want your link to point.

Step 1: Open your document in Microsoft Word 2013.

Step 2: Highlight the word or phrase that you want to be the anchor for your link. These are the words that your readers will click to visit the linked Web page.

select the text to link

Step 3: Open your Web browser and make sure that you are viewing the page to which you want to link. Click inside the address bar at the top of the window, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select the entire address, then press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy it.

open your Web browser and copy the address to use for the link

Step 4: Return to Microsoft Word 2013, then click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

click the Insert tab at the top of the Word 2013 window

Step 5: Click the Hyperlink button in the Links section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

how to add a link to a word 2013 document

Step 6: Click inside the address field at the bottom of the window, press Ctrl + V to paste the Web address you previously copied, then click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

paste the copied address into the address field at the bottom of the window

You should now have a linked word or words in your document that displays the link address when you hover over it. You or anyone reading the document can then hold down the Ctrl key on their keyboard and click the link to visit the page.

an example of linked text in word 2013

Now that you know how to link to a Web page in Word 2013, you can use this feature to provide a simple way for your readers to view related content.

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