How to Stop Deleting Audio Messages on an iPhone 6

The Audio Message feature on the iPhone is a fun addition to the Messages app.

Rather than typing out a message, you can simply speak it and send it to a contact.

The messages that you receive might be automatically deleted very quickly, so our tutorial will show you how to stop deleting Audio Messages on an iPhone 6.

How to keep iPhone Audio Messages for a Longer Amount of Time

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Messages.
  3. Choose Expire under Audio Messages.
  4. Tap Never.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to stop deleting Audio Messages on an iPhone 6, including pictures of these steps.

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One of the new features included on your iPhone in iOS 8 is the ability to send audio and video messages through the Messages app.

These options are available by touching and holding the Camera button (for video messages) or by pressing the microphone button (for audio messages).

These can both be helpful choices when you want to share something that is most effectively sent as sound or video.

But the default settings for these features will make it so that any audio message that you send or listen to will be deleted from your iPhone after 2 minutes.

This choice was likely made in an effort to conserve space on the device, but you may decide that you would like to keep your audio messages around for a little longer.

Fortunately, you can elect to set up your iPhone so that your audio messages are never automatically deleted by following our guide below.

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How to Change the Expiration Time for Audio Messages on an iPhone (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this guide were written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 8. If you wish to prevent video messages from expiring as well, you can read this article.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Messages option.

open the messages menu

Step 3: Scroll down and touch the Expire button in the Audio Messages section.

touch the expire button under audio messages

Step 4: Touch the Never button.

select the never option

Now that you know how to stop deleting Audio Messages on an iPhone 6, you can hang on to the ones you receive until you decide to delete them yourself manually.

Please note that these messages are considered part of your message conversation and will be deleted along with your normal text messages when you delete a conversation.

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