How to Delete a Slide in Powerpoint 2010

Creating a slideshow in Powerpoint 2010 is a fluid process. Some users will be able to sit down and create their presentation from start to finish without including any extraneous slides or information, but most people will need to do some tinkering to get everything how they want it. This tinkering might involve the removal of an image or some text, but it could even mean the removal of an entire slide. Fortunately this functionality is part of Powerpoint 2010, and it is possible to learn how to delete a slide in Powerpoint 2010 without affecting the rest of the slides or the presentation as a whole.


Remove a Slide from Powerpoint 2010 Slideshow


One of the most under utilized features in Microsoft Office products that I encounter is the use of the right-click shortcut menu. So many programs put incredibly useful options on that menu, but so few people think to use it when they find themselves needing to perform an unusual or confusing task. Removing a slide in Powerpoint 2010 is one of those situations and, by using the right-click menu, removing a slide becomes a remarkably simple endeavor.


Step 1: Begin by opening your slideshow in Powerpoint 2010.

Step 2: Click the slide you want to delete from the slide preview column at the left side of the window.

select your Powerpoint 2010 slide


Step 3: Right-click the selected slide, then click the Delete Slide option from the shortcut menu.

how to delete a slide in powerpoint 2010


You will notice on the right-click menu that there are a number of additional actions you can perform on a selected slide. This includes a Layout menu, where you can change the layout of elements on the selected slide, a Duplicate Slide option that will create a copy of the selected slide, as well as some other options that you may have been struggling to locate in the Powerpoint 2010 ribbon menus. newsletter

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