How to Change Hyperlink Color in Powerpoint 2010

The steps in this article will show you how to change hyperlink colors in Powerpoint.

Yield: A different color for your Powerpoint hyperlinks

How to Change Hyperlink Color in Powerpoint

choose your hyperlink color

This guide will show you how to change your hyperlink color in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation if you dislike the colors that are currently being used for your various types of hyperlinks.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 2 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 9 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Microsoft Powerpoint file


  • Microsoft Powerpoint


  1. Open your file in Powerpoint.
  2. Click the Design tab at the top of the window.
  3. Click Colors, then choose Create New Theme Colors.
  4. Select the button to the right of Hyperlink, then choose the desired color.
  5. Click the Save button.


You can also change the color of followed hyperlinks as well. Powerpoint sets a different color for clicked and un-clicked hyperlinks. A followed hyperlink is one that the user has already clicked.

When you are creating a Powerpoint 2010 presentation for an audience that will be viewing the slideshow on a computer, it can be beneficial to include as many visually appealing elements and resources as possible.

This can be through the use of relevant videos or images, or by providing a link to a website that explores the topic. Most people identify a link as blue underlined text, which is the default color that Powerpoint 2010 uses on their default layout.

But if you are using a custom layout, or if your slideshow is incorporating one of the options on the Design tab, then you may wind up with an unusual hyperlink color. Fortunately you can configure this option, so it is possible to learn how to change the color of a hyperlink in Powerpoint 2010.

Choose Your Hyperlink Color in Powerpoint 2010

One of the biggest hangups most people have when they are trying to figure out how to change hyperlink colors in Powerpoint 2010 is the thought process that Powerpoint 2010 defines links the same way that the define text. The hyperlink color in Powerpoint 2010 is actually set in your chosen theme, and must be edited from that menu.

1. Begin by opening the Powerpoint 2010 presentation that contains the hyperlink you wish to edit.

2. Click the Design tab at the top of the window. Your current theme will be selected, as indicated by the rectangular orange highlight around the theme’s thumbnail.

the powerpoint design tab

3. Click the Colors drop-down menu at the top-right part of the Themes section of the ribbon, then click Create New Theme Colors from the dialog box.

how to change hyperlink color in powerpoint 2010

4. Click the drop-down menu to the right of Hyperlink, then choose your preferred link color for hyperlinks in this presentation. Unless you know that you want your followed hyperlinks to appear as a different color, you may also want to consider setting the Followed Hyperlink color to the same color as that set for your regular Hyperlink value.

choose your hyperlink color

5. Click the Save button.

If you want to set multiple different hyperlink colors for one presentation, then you are going to have to set a different theme for each slide that will contain a different color hyperlink. You can accomplish this by selecting your desired slide from the column at the left side of the window, then right-clicking the theme for that slide and choosing Apply to Selected Slides.

Note that it is possible to use the same design theme for your entire presentation, but still have different color hyperlinks on each slide. When you change the settings for a theme, Powerpoint 2010 will place that theme with the new settings at the beginning of your theme list.

apply to selected slides

You will notice in the image above that my edited Angles theme is at the beginning of the list, while the original is still in its’ default position. Just choose to apply the original theme to each successive slide (making sure to check the Apply to Selected Slides option each time), then create a new theme by changing the values for the default. For example, if you have ten different slides with different hyperlink colors, all using the same theme, then you should have ten thumbnails for that theme at the beginning of your themes list.

How to Change Hyperlink Color in Microsoft Powerpoint – Additional Information

  • Making a change like this will only affect the current Powerpoint presentation. Existing files and future files that you create won’t be affected by this change.
  • The color of hyperlinks is something that can have a surprising effect on people viewing your presentation in person or if you are distributing the file for people to view on their own. If you choose to customize colors because you aren’t happy with what you see, then it’s possible others won’t like it either. Consider getting someone else’s opinion when you change color to see what they think of it.
  • The default color of your ppt hyperlinks will be dictated by the theme that you have elected to use for your presentation. Choosing a different theme will likely in a new color for hyperlink text.
  • If you elect to change things like font color and hyperlink color, be sure to consider its effect on the presentation’s overall color scheme. Your Powerpoint slides may wind up looking quite different with an adjusted text color and your color changes may actually have a negative impact on how viewers perceive your work. newsletter

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