How to Embed a Youtube Video in Powerpoint 2010

Last updated: March 6, 2017

You may need to know how to insert a YouTube video into a Powerpoint 2010 slideshow if you have found a video that adds to your presentation. While linking to the video in Powerpoint 2010 can be effective, you might be more interested in putting the video directly into the slide, otherwise known as embedding a video into Powerpoint 2010.

Digital media usage is creeping into nearly every aspect of our lives, particularly if we work in a field that uses computers. Pictures and videos capture the attention of an audience better than text, so advertisers and content creators strive to utilize them as frequently as possible. This is also true of individuals who have to give Powerpoint presentations which, by their very nature, can be pretty boring. However, if you want to make your Powerpoint presentation memorable or keep your audience interested, you can insert videos into one of your slides. This includes embedding a Youtube video in your Powerpoint 2010 presentation.


Insert a Youtube Video into a Powerpoint 2010 Slide

When you embed a Youtube video in Powerpoint 2010, what you are actually doing is inserting some code that tells Powerpoint to find and display the Youtube video in your designated spot on the Powerpoint slide. This requires you to have an active Internet connection while you are displaying your presentation, since the Youtube video is not stored locally on your computer, but rather remains on Youtube’s servers.


1. Begin by opening your Powerpoint presentation in Powerpoint 2010.

2. Open a Web browser window, go to, then find the video you want to embed in your presentation.

3. Click the Share button under the video.

how to insert a youtube video into powerpoint 2010


4. Click the Embed tab.

how to embed youtube video into powerpoint 2010


5. Right-click the highlighted code, then click the Copy option.

how to put youtube in a slideshow


5. Return to your Powerpoint 2010 presentation, then select the location in the presentation where you want to insert the embedded video. Note that you can move the video object around after you have inserted it.


6. Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

powerpoint 2010 insert tab


7. Click the Video drop-down menu in the Media section of the ribbon, then click Video from website.

powerpoint 2010 add video from website


8. Click inside the field at the center of the Insert Video from Web Site window, then press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste your copied code.

can i place a youtube video on a slide in powerpoint 2010


9. Click the Insert button.


Be sure to save your presentation once you have finished adding the video. You will now be able to show your presentation, with the embedded Youtube clip, on any computer that has an Internet connection.

Summary – how to insert a YouTube video in Powerpoint 2010

  1. Browse to the video on YouTube in your browser.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Click the Embed tab.
  4. Right-click and copy the code.
  5. Open Powerpoint, then select the slide where you want the video.
  6. Click the Insert tab.
  7. Click the Video button, then click Video from Web Site.
  8. Paste the copied YouTube embed code into the empty field, then click Insert.

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