How to Delete a Text Box in Google Slides

When you need to add text to one of the slides in your presentation, a text box is usually the best option. Some of the themes in Google Slides, as well as some slide templates, will even include a couple of text box es by default.

However, if you have a text box in your slide that you don’t want, you might be looking for a way to remove it from the slide. Our tutorial below will show you how to select a text box so that you can remove it.


How to Remove a Text Box from a Slide in Google Slides

The steps in this article assume that you currently have an existing Google Slides file that contains a slide with a text box that you want to remove. This guide is going to delete the text box object, as well as any text contained within it.

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive at and open the slideshow containing the text box you want to delete.


Step 2: Click inside the text box that you want to delete, then click on the border of the text box to select it.

select the text box



Step 3: Select the Edit tab at the top of the window.

remove a text box from google slides



Step 4: Click the Delete option to delete the text box.

how to delete a text box in google slides



Note that you can also delete the text box by pressing the Delete key or the Backspace key on your keyboard while the text box object is selected.


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