How to Stop Syncing Google Docs Files to Your Computer

Google Docs is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word for many users. Its presence on the Web makes it accessible from almost any computer or device, making it easy for you to pick up working on something even if you are on a different machine.

But this accessibility requires the Internet, and you may occasionally find yourself in situations where you aren’t connected. Therefore, Google Docs has an offline feature that automatically syncs your files to your computer so that you can edit them when you aren’t online. But if you are on a computer where an unwanted person might be able to access your files, then our guide below will show you how to turn off this offline syncing setting in Google Docs.


How to Turn Off the Offline Syncing in Google Docs

The steps below are going to turn off an option that syncs all of your Google Drive files to your local computer so that you can access them even when the computer isn’t connected to the Internet. This is a good option to turn off if you are on a public or shared computer and are worried about others who might then have access to your files.

Step 1: Go to your Google Drive at


Step 2: Click the rear icon at the top-right of the window.

click the google drive gear icon



Step 3: Click the Settings option.

open google drive settings



Step 4: Uncheck the box to the right of Offline. Note that it might take a few seconds for the existing offline documents to be removed from your computer. Once this process has completed, click the Done button.

how to turn off offline syncing for google docs



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