How to Change the Name of an Amazon Cloud Cam on an iPhone

There are a lot of different options for a Wi-Fi camera that you can put in your home, including one from Amazon called a Cloud Cam. This device allows you to watch streaming video from the camera, record movement, and adjust a number of different settings so that you can create the recording environment that […]

How to Enable Parental Controls for HBO Now on an iPhone

The HBO Now service lets you watch content from HBO even if you don’t have HBO with your cable package. This streaming option makes it possible for you to watch great movies, as well as HBO original shows like Game of Thrones. But a lot of the content on HBO Now isn’t appropriate for children, […]

How to Clear History in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

More and more people are using the mobile Web browsers on their smartphones to visit sites on the Internet. In fact, mobile Web usage has surpassed desktop usage for several years. This has lead to an increase in the availability of mobile browsers, including options from leading desktop browser creators, like Microsoft. One of the […]

How to Transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

When you are playing Pokemon Go for a while you will eventually start to catch multiples of the same Pokemon. All of these catches can start to fill up your Pokemon bag, eventually to the point where your bag is full. To clear space for new Pokemon, you will need to transfer some of the […]

How to Change Text Size in the Twitter iPhone App

While smartphone screens have been getting bigger and clearer year after year, the text on the screen can still be difficult to read for some people. In an app like Twitter where there is a lot of text, the app can become difficult to use. Many times this situation can be resolved by either zooming […]

How to Make Your Apple Music Profile Private or Public

One of the more interesting features of music subscription services like Apple Music and Spotify is their ability to connect you with your friends. Apple Music does this through a profile that you create, which you can then customize to connect with your contacts and share your playlists. But if you have been able to […]

How to Add a Passcode to View Logins in the Firefox iPhone App

The Firefox app on your iPhone includes a number of convenience features that can improve the way you use the browser. Among these options is the ability to save login information for certain websites. But these usernames and passwords can be viewed by anyone with access to the device, which is a potential security risk […]

How to Disable Explicit Language for Siri on an iPhone

The Siri feature on your iPhone is capable of performing a lot of functions. A couple of those functions include reading text in some situations, as well as interpreting what you have said. This can potentially lead to situations where Siri might possibly speak some profanity, or explicit language. Your initial inclination might be to […]

How to Stop Pokemon Go from Saving Pictures to the Camera Roll on iPhone

A new quest to acquire a Pokemon named Smeargle requires you to use the camera feature in the app to take pictures of your Pokemon. Occasionally Smeargle will “photobomb” one of these pictures, at which point you can return to the in-game map and try to catch him. This is a fun and interesting way […]

How to Block a Channel in Apple News

The Today tab in the Apple News app provides a curate list of articles from a variety of news sources. This can be a great way to see what’s going on in the world by exploring content from a number of providers. But you might find that there are certain publications appearing on that tab […]