How to Delete a Yahoo Email Account on the iPhone

Managing multiple email accounts can be a hassle, especially if they are all on your phone and you get a lot of messages. Therefore you might be wondering how to delete a Yahoo account from your iPhone if you’ve switched to Gmail or Outlook. It is very easy to create a new email account with […]

How to Enable Dark Mode or Night Mode in Youtube on iPhone

If you’ve ever seen someone using the YouTube app on their iPhone and it looked different than yours, then you might be wondering why. There’s a strong possibility that is was due to a theme switch, so you may want to know how to enable the night them in the YouTube iPhone app. Night mode […]

Why Is My iPhone Battery Icon Yellow?

The icons and status indicators at the top of your iPhone screen can tell you a lot of important information, provided that you know what everything means. So you may be wondering why your iPhone battery icon is yellow if you are used to it being a different color. You are probably familiar with the […]

How to Scan QR Codes With the Camera App on Your iPhone

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Why Is There a Crescent Moon Next to a Text Message in iOS 9?

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How to Email a Text Message from an iPhone

A lot of the apps on your iPhone can integrate with one another, although the manner for doing so might not be obvious. For example, you might be wondering how to email a text message on your iPhone if you would like to use the Message app to send a message to an email account. […]

How to Allow Pop Ups in the Chrome iPhone App

Desktop Web browsers have been blocking pop ups for years, which is a habit that has transferred to mobile browsers as well. But if a page isn’t loading and your browser is blocking a link, then you may need to know how to allow pop ups in the Chrome iPhone app. Pop-ups have a bad […]

How to Mute While Browsing in the YouTube iPhone App

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How to Clear Local History in the Reddit iPhone App

Many of the apps that you use on your phone and your computer store a history of activity. Web browsers are one of the more common applications that do this, but you might also want to now how to clear your Reddit history on an iPhone if you have discovered that Reddit stores data like […]

How to Turn Off the Passcode Screen on an iPhone 6

Your iPhone has a number of different security protocols that are meant to help keep your iPhone and its data safe. Typically you would want to use as many of these protocols as possible, but a situation may arise where you want to know how to turn off the passcode screen on your iPhone 6. […]