How to Delete Cache in Spotify on iPhone

Storage space is something that most iPhone users will eventually find to be a problem. The device has a limited amount of space for files, and it can quickly be consumed by apps, pictures, videos and music. While there are many things that you can do to free up this space, your Spotify app actually […]

How to Adjust Crossfade in the Spotify iPhone App

The Spotify app on your iPhone offers several different settings that you can m,odify the way that your music plays. One of these settings, called crossfade, concerns the manner in which your songs transition from one to the next. If you have ever heard a playlist where a new songs starts playing as the old […]

How to Request Desktop Site By Default in the Edge iPhone App

Many of the websites that you visit during a typical browsing session will have both a mobile and desktop version of their website. This site does, and you may notice that some things change if you view it on a desktop computer or your phone. However, the differences are minimal, and no functionality is lost. […]

Firefox iPhone App – How to Stop Prompting to Open Copied Links

Web browsers are getting better and better at anticipating how people want to browse the Internet. Many of these usability features are making their way to the mobile versions of popular browsers, as an increasing majority of users consume their content on a smartphone. If you use the Firefox browser on your iPhone, then you […]

How to Make Your iPhone Louder

The volume of your iPhone is something that you may not think much about a lot when you’re using it. When you primarily use it with headphones, or watching videos, or taking phone calls – basically any situation where the phone is going to be close to your ears – then even a somewhat lower […]

How to Enable Amazon Biometric Authorization on an iPhone

The ability to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint or even your face is something that has become more and more common on smartphones. The iPhone has had it available for a few years, and some third-party apps have starting taking advantage of its usefulness. One of these apps is the Amazon app, which you […]

How to Change Units for the iPhone Measure App

Your iPhone has an interesting feature called Measure that makes it possible for you to measure objects that you encounter in real life. This is made possible by the Camera app, and it’s something that can come in handy if you are looking for an easy way to measure things. But once you start using […]

How to Change Reminder Sync on an iPhone

The Reminders tool on your iPhone is a great way for you to keep track of tasks that you need to perform. Whether it’s something for work, a chore at home, or something in your personal life, effective use of the Reminders app is a useful way to make sure that you don’t forget to […]

How to Delete a Channel from Apple News on Your iPhone

The News app on your iPhone can be a great place for you to read about current events. It lets you customize your news fee with a lot of different topics and sources, allowing you to see the news that is relevant or important to you. But as you set up and experiment with Apple’s […]

How to Enable or Disable Automatic iOS Updates on an iPhone 7

The iOS updates that are released periodically for your iPhone typically include new features, as well as fixes for bugs and issues that may arise after the update has been available to the general public for a while. But manually installing those updates can be a hassle, as it can take a while for the […]