Why is There a Weird App Listed on the “Always Allowed” Screen in Screen Time on iPhone?

The Screen Time feature introduced to the iPhone in iOS 12 gives you a way to set a “Downtime” period where the phone is turned off except for a few apps. Part of this feature includes a couple of menus called “App Limits” and “Always Allowed” where you can customize your allowed phone usage by […]

How to Change the Screen Time Passcode on an iPhone 7

We have previously written about how to set up Screen Time on your iPhone, which is a helpful feature that you can use if you would like to force yourself to stop using your iPhone for a certain period of time during the day. Whether you want to use this feature to limit the amount […]

How to Schedule Downtime on an iPhone 7

Once you update your iPhone to the iOS 12 operating system you gain access to a helpful new feature called Screen Time. This allows you to specify a time during the day when you want your iPhone to remain off. This feature is intended to give you a self-imposed break from your iPhone if you […]

What Does Airplane Mode Do on the iPhone 7?

Certain types of broadcast wireless signals can interfere with airplane equipment, so it has long been part of the takeoff routine for a pilot or flight attendant to ask you to turn off your electronic devices or put them in airplane mode. Your iPhone has an airplane mode, which you can enable to simultaneously turn […]

How to Stop My iPhone from Automatically Uninstalling Apps

Managing the storage on an iPhone is a struggle for many users. Apps, pictures and other files take up a lot of the limited space on the device, and it’s fairly common to reach a point where you aren’t able to install a new app or an iOS update because you don’t have enough room. […]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Youtube Notifications

Following a channel on YouTube is a great way to keep up with new videos that are created by your favorite content producers. The more you use YouTube and discover good channels, the larger that list of followed, or subscribed, channels is going to become. Your Apple watch mirrors the notification settings for the apps […]

Why Isn’t the Timer Alarm Going Off on My iPhone?

The Timer feature of the Clock app on your iPhone is useful when you’re cooking, exercising, or performing a task that should take a specific amount of time. Typically the timer will play a sound when it has expired but, the iPhone timer can also be used to stop playing a video or music, which […]

Why Does My iPhone Tell Me Who Is Calling?

Is your iPhone speaking the name of someone when they call you? If you find yourself wondering why your iPhone is telling you who is calling, when it doesn’t seem to do it for other people that you know, then you need to change a setting on your device. Our tutorial below will show you […]

iPhone Tip – Quick Way to Play a Voice Memo

Voice Memos is a very useful, but very under-utilized default app on the iPhone. It makes it easy for you to take voice notes for yourself, or to record sounds that are around you. Many people don’t use it because it’s hidden on a second Home screen or in a Utilities app but, for people […]

How to Stop Playing Netflix When a Timer Ends on an iPhone

The timer feature on your iPhone’s Clock app provides a convenient way for you to play an alarm or sound after a specific duration of time. This is helpful when you are cooking or exercising, but it’s actually even more versatile than that. The iPhone timer has a setting where you can tell the device […]