How to Change Font Color in Excel 2013

We recently wrote about changing the color of a column in Excel 2013, which is helpful when you have a specific set of data that you want to highlight. But if you change the fill color of a column to a darker color, your data can become difficult to read. This will lead you to wonder how to change the font color in Excel 2013.

There are many different font colors available in Excel 2013, meaning that there is always an option that will allow you to achieve the desired visual effect with your spreadsheet. Continue reading below to learn how to change font color in Excel 2013.

Change Font Color in Excel 2013

If you copy and paste your data after changing the font color, then the font color will be pasted as well. You can paste just the values, however, if you want to copy and paste the data without the font color.

Tip: You can subtract cell values from one another using a subtraction formula in Excel.

Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2013.

Step 2: Use your mouse to select the cells containing the data for which you want to change the font color.

select the cells you want to change

Step 3: Click the Home tab at the top of the window.

click the home tab

Step 4: Click the arrow to the right of the Font Color button.

click the arrow to the right of font color

Step 5: Click the font color that you want to use for the selected cells. Note that you can see a preview of how the cells will look with the new font color as you hover over the color.

click the color you want to use

You can also change the type of font that you are using. Some fonts can make certain letters or numbers difficult to read, so changing the font can improve the readability of your spreadsheet. newsletter

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