How to Delete a Podcast Episode on the iPhone 5

Podcasts are great to listen to on your morning commute or while you are getting some work done. But most of the more popular podcasts record very frequently, and the duration of the casts can make for some rather large file sizes. This makes it very easy for your podcast library to take up a sizable amount of your hard drive space, which is problematic when you need that space for other files. Fortunately you can delete old podcast episodes directly from your iPhone 5 and start clearing room for other items.

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Deleting Podcast Episodes in iOS 7

If you want to find out how much space things on your iPhone 5 are taking up, you can view this information on the Usage menu. This menu can be reached by navigating to Settings > General > Usage. For example, in the image below the podcasts on my device are taking up 1.3 GB.

how to delete a podcast episode on the iphone 5


But to learn how to delete individual podcast episodes from your iPhone 5, follow the process below.


Step 1: Touch the Podcasts icon.

open the podcast app



Step 2: Touch the My Podcasts option at the bottom of the screen, then select the podcast containing the episode that you want to delete.

open my podcasts, then select the podcast with the episode you want to delete



Step 3: Locate the episode that you want to delete, swipe from right to left on the title, then touch the red Delete button.

swipe right to left on the title, then touch delete


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