How to Download an App on the iPhone 5

If you have purchased an iPhone 5 and it is your first adventure into the world of smartphones, then you have made a good choice. Once you have activated the phone and set up your Apple ID you can begin doing the things that come on the phone by default, such as browsing the Internet with Safari, checking your email and organizing your calendar.

But one of the best things about having an iPhone 5 is the App Store, from where you can download apps, services, games and more. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store, and likely dozens that you will find helpful. So continue reading below to learn how to download and install your first app.


Getting Apps on the iPhone 5

In case you are unfamiliar with what an app is, it’s basically just a small program that is downloaded directly to your phone that allows you to perform a specific task. For example, Netflix has an iPhone 5 app that you can download to watch Netflix videos on your phone. Some of the apps are free and some are paid, but their pricing will be clearly indicated before you choose to download or install them. If you choose to install a paid app, the price of the app will be charged to the credit card that you entered when you initially set up your Apple ID.


Step 1: Touch the App Store icon.

how to download an app on the iPhone 5



Step 2: Select the Search option at the bottom of the screen. This is if you know the name of the app that you want to download. If you don’t know the name of an app and just want to browse, you can select the Featured or Top Charts option to browse for popular apps.

select the search option at the bottom of the screen



Step 3: Type the name of the app into the field at the top of the screen, then select one of the results.

type the name of the app that you want to download



Step 4: Touch the Free or price button at the right side of the screen. Note that the app I am downloading is a free app, but paid apps will replace the word “Free” with the price of the app.

touch the free or price button



Step 5: Touch the green Install button.

touch the install app button



Step 6: Type your Apple ID password into the pop-up window, then touch the OK button.

enter your apple id password




Once the app has finished downloading, it will appear on your home screen along with the apps that came pre-installed on your phone.

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Don’t worry if you have downloaded an app that you don’t like. You can follow the steps in this article to delete an app from your iPhone 5. newsletter

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