How Can I Tell If a Bluetooth Device Is Connected to My iPhone 5?

Bluetooth devices, such as headphones and keyboards, make for a convenient, wireless connection with your iPhone. The connection is so convenient, however, that your iPhone will automatically pair with a Bluetooth device whenever the device is turned on and within range. This can lead to some interesting situations, for example, such as where audio stops […]

How to View Your Latitude and Longitude on an iPhone 5

Your iPhone has some useful features that you may not be using yet. One of those features is the compass. While the iPhone compass can be handy when you need to find your way, it can also display other information, such as your current geographic position as identified via latitude and longitude. When you open […]

Why Does My iPhone Only Let Me Use One App?

If you are using an iPhone and you are unable to leave the app that is currently active on the screen, then it might be using Guided Access. This is a feature that is often deployed by companies, parents, or individuals demonstrating something on the iPhone, and it only allows the iPhone to be used […]

How to Turn Off Location Based iAds on an iPhone 5

A large number of the services and apps on your iPhone can use your location to add something to your mobile experience. Any time that your location information is being used, a little arrow icon will appear at the top of your iPhone screen. Often it will be easy to determine what is causing it […]

How to Disable Mail Contact Suggestions on an iPhone 5

Your iPhone is capable of finding contact information from the emails on your device. It can then display that contact information as an autosuggestion when you are writing an email, as a possible suggestion for an unknown phone number, or as an option on your Contacts screen. But you might find this to be a […]

Pokemon Go Stuck on Loading Screen on an iPhone

Last updated: February 16, 2017 If you are on ┬áthis page on February 16, 2017, or possibly in the days following, the loading issue that you are experiencing is fairly widespread. Many people are having difficulty signing into the app due to an increased demand on the servers. The Generation 2 Pokemon release is quote […]

How to Increase Contrast on an iPhone 5

The screen sizes on iPhone models have been increasing for the last several generations of devices, and the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus have been introduced to offer an even larger screen. But you may still find that you have difficulty reading certain types of screens and menus on your iPhone, and you […]

How to Play Audio Descriptions on an iPhone 5

The iPhone has a menu called Accessibility that is found on the General menu. The settings found on Accessibility are meant to make the iPhone easier to use in a number of different ways. Some of these improvements include options like subtitles or audio description. An audio description is a separate audio track that is […]

How to Clear the List of Frequent Locations on an iPhone 5

Your iPhone tracks information about your geographical location for a number of reasons. This information is used to improve your experience with┬ácertain apps and services, such as Maps. If you use Maps, or if you use the Notification Center, you might find that your iPhone has defined certain locations as your work and home. Aside […]

How to Enable or Disable Location Services for the iPhone Weather App

Last updated: February 23, 2017 There is a small arrow icon that will appear at the top of your iPhone screen from time to time. This lets you know that a feature or app on your iPhone is using your location in some way. One app that will periodically use your location is the Weather […]