How to Turn Off Location Based iAds on an iPhone 5

A large number of the services and apps on your iPhone can use your location to add something to your mobile experience. Any time that your location information is being used, a little arrow icon will appear at the top of your iPhone screen. Often it will be easy to determine what is causing it (such as if you are using the Maps app), while other times it might not be as clear.

One feature on your iPhone that can use your location is called Location-Based iAds. These are ads that Apple displays in certain locations on your device that are related to your interests. If you would prefer that your location information not be used for these types of ads, then you can disable that setting using out guide below.

Disabling Location Based iAds in iOS 9

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 5, in iOS 9.3. We will be turning off a specific setting on the Privacy menu that disables the Location-Based iAds. No other location services will be disabled in this guide. If you would like to turn off location services entirely, then you can read this article. For more information about iAds, you can visit Apple’s site.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

turn off iphone location ads

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Privacy menu.

stop iphone from showing ads based on location

Step 3: Tap the Location Services button at the top of the screen.

how does my iphone show me ads related to where i am

Step 4: Scroll down and select the System Services option.

disabling location ads

Step 5: Tap the button to the right of Location-Based iAds to turn it off. The setting is turned off when there is no green shading around the button. Location based iAds are turned off in the picture below.

how to turn off location based iads on an iphone

There are a lot of other services and features that can use your iPhone’s location. This article – – will show you how to enable or disable the feature that displays weather information about your current geographic location.

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